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I don't smoke so this won't impact me, but I am curious to see how many people will lower their cigarette intake.

Not a smoker, so like PJD this won't affect me. But it will affect my dad and a few other family members. I live in SC so the increase here isn't as big a hike as some areas. I think the cost (at least in our state) is minimal and won't get people to quit. But I certainly hope this is not the intent of lawmakers. You can't "force" someone to quit just by charging them more. I think that goes against our principles of freedom of choice. On the other hand, I do believe that smokers contribute to the strain on our health care system. So tax revenue gained could be funneled into health care. But again, I raise the ethical dilemma inherent here. I mean would we feel the same way if legislation charged more for fast food than organic fare? I'm just saying...

I don't smoke so it doesn't affect it. I don't have an issue with it and think it's a good way to increase revenue. I don't have a problem with increased taxation of non-necessities (i.e. food and medicine). People are free to choose whether or not to make those purchases.

@PJD: I think some of the cash-strapped will considered cutting back.Maybe.
@Tameika: Florida is going to use the extra money to fund child healthcare. Yay!
@Savvy: Sin taxes are serious business. I pray they don't try alcohol next. ;)

@ frugalista - LOL! I was going to suggest they increase the taxes on alcohol, luxury cars and designer clothes next.

I was a drinker/smoker until the price of a pack here in NY crossed the $7 threshold and smoking was outlawed indoors. Going out in the cold to smoke didn't make sense when $7 could buy me another drink.

i'm in health care and attended a meeting about smoking cessation today. a representative from a helpline for quitting said calls went up from 450/wk to 1100/wk. i'm sure they're gonna go up more once the tax is actually in effect!

Good news! They should have done this years ago.

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