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Actually condoms aren't that cheap... they're like $8 for a 12-pack. Say you use 3 in 1 session and you are sexually active 3x a week. You'd buy 3 of these a month which is $24 (plus tax) lol. This doesn't include any other accessories you might use to spice it up.

Best condoms are free ones. Ha!

Seriously though the best (IMO) is Kimono which are micro-thin yet strong for the closest bare-back experience. Leave it to japs and their technology :)

9 times a week...must not be married w/ children...otherwise it would be more like only 7-8 times a week! LOL

Free is better! I found this post at Webfloss.com about how to do just that. Get a Free Condom.


This will get Gio 1/3 of 1 day covered....

Great post!

Interesting note: condoms are covered under most FSA plans. So it's a justifiable healthcare expense. Me likey! :D

Tameika, I just read my FSA plan this morning and noticed that they're a fully reimbursable expense as well...I'm a happy girl. Well...I would be if I had someone to need a condom for...but that's a discussion for another day. LOL!

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