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I just couldn't possibly live on less than 53,000 a week...lol what a joke.
I understand that she is now used to a certain standard of living but it seems like she is asking for a great deal of money. Perhaps scaling back a little wouldn't hurt. Also since she signed a pre-nup she obviously thought 38 million would be enough at one point, so she should take it like a champ and scram with the 38 mill. UNLESS she helped to further his business in some way etc.

Hrm - how long were they married, and what did she live on before they married?

I don't think that 1/10th of his net worth is appropriate, if they were married for a long time or had kids. In that case, I'd totally say she needs more.

But if she lived on less than 53k per week a year before she married him, then *sigh*. I'm sick of hearing about legal prostitution. "Woman, grow up and act your age" is what I'd like to say to her if she's just after the money.

Send her to me and I'll teach her to live on $52,000 per week.

Katy Wolk-Stanley
The Non-Consumer Advocate


I am good for $ 5000 per week. I think that since the market is down, she needs and should get only 50% that amount - drop it down to $26,500 per week. If you are gonna be a trophy wife, make sure the money is in escrow.

Who is her soon to be Ex these days. Does he like redheads? Julie

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