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ooh, I really don't think that I can hold back on this one - they apparently forgot to mention that they also mix in STUPIDITY with fashion!!!

Why MAKE a ring when there are millions already in circulation as estate jewelry? Why buy a crappy new bag when you have a decent old bag in the first place? Why not melt down the soda can tabs instead of making another stupid bag that'll rust? Who on God's green earth WANTS a bag that rusts?

AAARRRGH!! I just can't take it anymore! The fashion industry is run by a bunch of morons!!!

Reusable pads - I don't think so. Definitely not a good look if you use a public landry.

I was just looking at a vegan leather (how is that even possible) bag today. I couldn't bring myself to spend $100+ on a bag that didn't involve taking a life. I'm headed to the thrift.

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