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I say touch away. I think it makes me spend less. But that's because most things in my price range feel like burlap and I tend to put them back on the rack.

If it's out of my range, but I'm still considering it, I'll leave it in the store. If I'm still thinking about it days later then I go back and buy it - kind of like the handgun waiting period.

I do touch but what gets me is the "try on" if I try it on and it looks good, I must have it.

I like to touch and try on garments. I think the touching is the deal breaker. Being a toucher is the reason I haven't been able to get into shopping on line yet. Your writing
style made the blog interesting readig.
Senior Diva

yes, just stay away! i work at target (in the pharmacy) and only go there for work, or maybe to get groceries. but when my mother-in-law was in town, she wanted to pop in and buy a purse. so i tagged along. and what did i do? bought a purse too. drats!

@Coco: You are hilarious.
@PJD: So you are frisky with the clothes. Heavy petting just won't do for you! LOL
@Senior Diva: Thank you, Ms. Diva. I love online shopping, too, though. Maybe I just like shopping?
@Maggie: Yeppers, social spending is the killer! Is the bag cute? You know I'm nosey.

Hrm - but if you don't touch the clothing, how can you inspect the seams and overall garment construction?

I have put stuff back because it wasn't well made. Since it costs $35 for me to hem a skirt, I want to know that the item will be worth keeping!

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