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I don't pay my bills online I mail things in the old way...lol
I don't like the price increase because it is inching toward $1.00. Oh well

I rarely use the mail. Generally just for cards (birthdays, Christmas, etc.) I use online bill pay and will generally fax stuff rather than mail it in.

I pay bills online, but I do send out a lot of letters in the mail. It's not that bad, really, now that they have the forever stamp - it makes my life a lot easier!

I rarely mail anything, so I don't mind paying a little more when I do. As long as they've dropped that e-stamp idea for good.

I wish they would increase the price by 10 cents and be done with it.

i do like sending greeting cards, so i bought a couple books of forever stamps on friday.

i just think it's ridiculous that the post office LOSES money! why isn't everyone in an uproar about that? my brother is protesting them and wants all mail to be delivered via private industry (like fedex and ups). i can't say that i disagree.

@ Maggie - People aren't in an uproar because no one wants to pay $5 to mail stuff. Folks are actually complaining about a two cent increase. Sheesh.

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