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Do I feel bad for people who don't tell themselves No? No! I don't feel bad for Mr. Andrews, the guy who buys a Ferrari and could only afford a Honda or the guy with credit card debt. The scale doesn't matter, refusal or inability to deny yourself doesn't merit sympathy in my world. But then, I'm an ant by nature and training, not the proverbial grasshopper. "Smart" people make bad decisions every day, some are just more expensive than others. "Smart" people will buy Mr. Andrews' book and some will never read it after buying it. Go figure.

Well one would think that he is the guy who wouldn't get into this type of mess. However it just goes to show that we can all faly prey to the trappings of pretty homes and increased loans....

In other words, looking at the sour economic picture, the other shoe has yet to drop...

People were so hyped up on housing a few years ago, that it probably seemed like an rational decision at the time.

Several 'experts' told me that I didn't need $$$ or a strong income to buy, just a little credit.

Indeed, human nature, liar loans and defaults...

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