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This is too funny. 50 is going to have a field day with this one. How suspect. I can't stand fake stuff though I will mess with movies that uhh "aren't quite released yet".

wow officer ricky is taking Ls to the face.

Love the call out quote on the cover, "I've never had a credibility problem and still don't." The choice of eyewear does not seem helpful in this regard.

Snort - thanks, I needed a good laugh today!

I don't buy the value of $600 non prescription sunglasses - I'd REALLY have to like them enough to shell out that kind of money. I totally get picking up a cute pair of sunglasses from a street vendor. But, those glasses he has on aren't even cute!!! I can only hope he wasn't foolish enough to pay more than $10 for them!!!

I hate fakes. I work on Canal street. Although the fake bag district is blocks away, I swear I can smell the plastic in the air some days.

I guess it's nothing new for hip hop artists who want extra tacky versions of their favorite high end brands. Remember Dapper Dan in the 80s? Am I dating myself?

This story is hilarious! Shame on you Rick Ross. I hear he's claiming they were not fakes but were pimped out by Jacob Bernstein, AKA “The Sunglasses Pimp.”

Sure Rick... we believe you.

Um, yeah, that stylist and the team will be getting a spanking. LOL. Who needs a luxury logo to validate your worth? Can we learn a lesson here?

Woops! I only buy $4 shades from the flea market. I lost or broke so many pairs, I get them 5 at a time now.

I have to admit that I have shopped on Canal St. in NYC on occasion. It has been so tempting but I don't do it anymore. I know that contributing to it only leads to more counterfeiting and it's wrong. The only insurance against it though is consumers. If consumers would stop buying they'd stop making them.

His stylist needs to be fired. That is all.

I remember about a year ago when usher was caught in a similarly compromising photo wearing fake earrings I think?

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