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Didn't you say that you tipped? ;-) G

Work perks are for everyone. For your friend it's a hot party, for me it's a free public transportation pass. (In an RN in a hospital) This pass would cost $875 were I buy to it, but I get it for free every year. True, I rarely use it, but I'm happy to get one just in case.

I also get discounts on gyms, cell phones, local amusement parks, hospital food, (Okay, that one is waaaay less than glamorous) and other stuff.

I've had jobs in retail where the employee discount makes it worth the low-ish pay. (Jewelry, variety store which sold EVERYTHING, shoes, Macy*s, [which actually gave a super crappy employee discount] and books.)

Next time Natalie, give me some heads up I'm don some of my thrift store designer duds and join you. We'll dazzle them with our glamorous frugal charms.

Katy Wolk-Stanley
The Non-Consumer Advocate

P.S. That photo is tres hot!


Since I happen to know you work VERY hard,and provide us all with some great deals---it's just find for you to have some perks! ENJOY!!!

@GLM: You are adorable!
@Katy: You bring up great points. It's just work perks, not some vast conspiracy. Thanks for the compliment on the photo!
@MH: Thank you. So sweet!

I don't know why my comment never came up.

I just wanted to say that is a great photo! And enjoy the work perks. No harm. I sometimes wish I could share the "swag" with people who could really use it, and I do try to donate things I don't need. But I also think of it as payback for a lot of hard work and being underpaid for years.


I see this all the time...I know a lot of the party promoters so I always drop a name at whatever club is hot at the moment. We never wait in line, or pay a cover, plus, there is an open bar for most of these events, at least for a couple of hours. I try to post the "secret name" to say at the door so people who visit FreeMiamiEvents.com can get in & drink free too.
So, in answer to your question, are certain people favored more than others? YES, ABSOLUTELY! But, do you have to be privileged to get the perks? Not necessarily, all it takes is figuring out how Miami works. Which in this case, is knowing someone, who knows someone.
My "FREE" tip for getting into the hot spots without effort and without having to actually know someone is to search your favorite social site for "Miami Promoters" then email or text them and ask to be put on their party list.
I hope we will see you out and enjoying more free entertainment soon!

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