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I think I am smart enough to make my own money. However, I don't want to marry a man who can only provide hugs and kisses, his pockets should have something in them. Just as I have good credit, he should too -other than that we can build our wealth together.

They should have called the book Girls With No Self Respect Or Honor Marry Money. This whole idea reminds me a little too much of how a hooker would think when she is looking for a sugar daddy. If a marriage is essentially an economic partnership then that makes the wife a hooker and the husband a John! What do you women think of a man who marries a woman for her money?

I woudn't marry for money, but it would make life SO much easier if I did!

At least she'd be a legal hooker...what's the difference between a husband handing his wife a check every week..with a rich man it would be a bigger check is all...ya...marry rich

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