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Honestly, I don't get owning multiple homes. I mean, with all the upkeep, utilites and taxes, you're probably better off living in a hotel for a month or so a year.

I haven't had much fun watching him since Valley Girl. He keeps playing himself with a frozen face. Maybe he needs to lay off the Botox and save some money!


I've always liked Nicolas Cage as an actor, but he's a real bum for not paying his taxes. All us littles do it. He should, too.

This $6.2 mil must cover many years, because I don't think he's had very many successful movies as of late. He's not been the best at picking good films (er, I suppose I should say, commercially uber successful films).

I was impressed by him and his co-star in "World Trade Center." They both did an amazing job portraying two firefighters trapped in the World Trade Center collapse. I think they should have both been at least nominated for an Academy Award. Acting only with one's face is difficult, to say the least.

Rue him for not paying his taxes, though.

Thanks for the shout out. You rock my socks.

Is it odd to you that whenever I hear of someone struggling, I think of you? hehe

It seems amazing to me that Nicolas Cage is facing this tax bill right now. Firstly because its his second time in trouble with them in less than a year, you'd think he'd learn the lesson the first time....Don't mess with the IRS.

Secondly, the guy makes $12 million per film, you'd think he could easily come up with the $6 million and change to satisfy the IRS. Could there be problems we don't know about. Drugs? Gambling? Madoff?

Check out my blog on Nick Cage and his IRS problems at..... http://www.thedebtgazette.com/2009/08/nick-cage-irs-again/

Don’t worry Nick Just read the tax code under title 26 subtitle A and see if you are a 3401(c) employee and if your employer is a 3401(d) then not you’re not responsible for 3401(a) wages. Get with it Nick I’m surprised your lawyers didn’t know about it.

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