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Wow. You feel guilty about that? Obviously you've never been to jail. Not that I have. Just sayin -- people have done far worse in this life. Don't sweat it.

Forget about it. If the line was that long Panera made their money - it just wasn't your money. And with that many people in there, you were smart to claim your table first while you wait for the line to go down. Not your fault you became consumed in your work and forgot to order something.

I steal wi fi, cable, third base, anything that isnt nailed down.

but im gangster.

Yeah, it's fine to skip every once in a while. Not to mention, they like the look of a full restuarant. It means their place is hoppin'. It's where everyone wants to be. Can't get better publicity than that---and you didn't ask for money in return...just a little free wifi. :)

Yes, but did you get your pages written? I mean, was all that criminal activity worth it? Inquiring minds want to know!

As broke as I am, you should hope that they DON'T put your pic up with a reward offering. I just might have to turn you and Fergie in!

You're welcome to use my Wi-Fi anytime, there's just that pesky issue of getting to Oregon . . . .


LOL! It's a good Frugie! I'm sure you have given them biz in the past:)

@Brent: No, I've never done a bid. Cages aren't too fabulous, I hear.
@Steve: Will you be my PR agent?
@Benhameen: You're the type of person Brent was talking about. Gangster on!
@Rasheeda: Free Wi-Fi means, Free! Right? No purchase minimum was posted!
@NyLitChick: *Le Sigh* We love pages. Just need more of them!
@TheTinyJewelBox: Readers revolt! I should have known! Tsk!
@Katy: What's a few hundred dollars to save $5?
@MH: Thank you for understanding! So kind and gentle of you!

That's a cute story Natalie. Very human. Very cute. Hope your manuscript is going well. Talk to you soon.

You might try the library - the wifi is free to all, but alas, no coffee.

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