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I remember thinking when my daughter was in daycare that if I could just hold out until she was 4 or 5, she could go to public school and I could save some money. NOT! After 10 years of private school, braces, a broken ankle with an extended hospital stay and months of physical therapy, I'm looking forward to her last two years of high school. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she does well enough to get scholarships, financial aid, etc. for college. I feel like I've been paying tuition forever and I'm looking forward to a break when she graduates high school. Realistically, I'll end up paying for college too. I think $ 221,000 is a low estimate.

I disagee, it doesn't cost that much to raise a child. We pay for our child needs and an occasional recreation. Children costs depends on the parents some go overboard. A birthday party every year, private school, college costs. Most of these is not necessary is just what the parents want.

I don't buy it. $221K is $13K/yr. The median household income in this country is $40K/yr. If the average has 2.5 kids, that's $32.5K/yr just for the kids.

There are definitely some who work to pay for daycare but that is their choice.

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