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I definitely think it's a ripoff. two degrees later and the only way I could find work was to start my own business.

They tout that education is key but everyone I know doing really well is doing so without a college degree or the black hand that is Sallie Mae around their throats.

If I was 18 again I'd do things totally differently-including not going to school and taking out loans that I will spend the next 20 years paying for if I can find a job or not.

Maybe I'm being a bitter betty but I hope she wins.

It's college, no a vo-tech school. They give you knowledge of your field from there YOU have to find a job

I don't think that a degree from a reputable college or university is a rip off. You get an experience, access to opportunities and a network.

She's competing for jobs that are easily outsourced overseas...with a brand new degree...during a recesssion...and no mention of experience/internships. If anything, Monroe failed to teach her how to be competitive in the marketplace. 70K could have bought her a much better education.

Black balled - probably. But I'd totally hire her if I was one of those law firms that advertise during daytime talk shows!

@Sportnista: Tell us how you REALLY feel!
@Moneymonk: I heard college was for getting an education.
@Coco: 70k for a Monroe College degree? Don't be mad, UPS is hiring!

I'm with moneymonk. YOU have to find your own job. Career services is not a job head hunter.
She's mad at the wrong person (entity). She should be mad at herself for thinking anything would fall into her lap. Especially in a recession.

She graduated in April and this is August. It's been 5 months. My husband has been looking for two years with his bachelor's degree! I don't think less than 6 months is "giving it the old college try".
After reading the article, Monroe promises access to resources to help YOU find a job, not a job itself. The article doesn't mention her major but I'd be interested to know if she majored in Accounting or in American History. Even in a recession, that can have an impact on one's job search.

You go to college to get an education. Once you're a grown up, it's up to you to get a job. This is like suing the lottery because you bought a ticket and didn't win.

And if you don't want $70,000 in college loan debt, consider a state university or a community college - no need to borrow triple the money just to go to a private school.

Not that I am recruiting, but the military will probably take her - and pay her student loans, too.

One of the reasons I enjoy just spending time reading other blogs is I learn something new , thanks for helping me gain a better understanding

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