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Guys have been wearing the same stuff forever. 'Bout time y'all caught on. And we don't even need to go heavy on the accessories.... :-)

Those little gold slippers must have been a part of the experiment too! lol just kidding. I think she did a nice job, it's something I would never do for 31 days but it's nice to see ways that you can make over your clothes.

she did quite well, I think. But OMG her accessories are gorgeous.

Interesting experiment and a good way to promote closet shopping. But it doesn't seem like she saved much money with all the purses and shoes and belts and bracelets and scarves....one black dress, two hundred accessories....

I love this! I might have to steal it for my blog!

Thanks for sharing- very creative.

@Steve: LOL! Men love wearing the same socks, especially!
@Product Junkie Diva: The slippers were cute, no?
@Gina: Those accessories were awesome. I wonder if they were expensive. If so, I guess they were investments.
@Rippy: Yes, the accessories were awesome. The good thing is that she inspired me to think about accessories. They can last a lifetime, unlike a lot of clothing.
@CompactQueen: Please share the good news! :)

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