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We ordered the Australian Lobster tail at Manny's Steak and it was $150 for a tail. The Main lobsters were $20 a pound, so my companion figured it would cost max $60-$80. Lesson: Always ask the price of specials befire you order them.

Your electric bill is $70!? Do you live in a shack, dear?

@Tbone: High Five!
@Quijote: Sometimes I feel like it! I have a one bedroom! The electricity fluctuates, depending on how good I am about turning off the lights.

It was a hard lesson to learn! But if you're on a budget... always ask for a glass of the house wine. It doesn't hurt to ask how much it is either.

You should have checked the pricing!! Your fault! Don't blame the resturaunt. BAD article!!

You really need to think before getting into the Miami Spice. This is hot it works based on my experience: FIRST, you get a nasty face from the waiters when you asked for the Miami Spice Menu, SECOND, you don't get any service the remaining of your dinner as the waiters vanish from the floor, THIRD, you get an apetizer that is just OK and you would probably wouldn't order it if it was not included FOURTH: the main course is ussually good but the size is smaller and for upscale restaurant it does not include side dishes (meaning add $15 for a portion of mashed potatoes), FIFTH, you get the dessert they want to give you as the second option is "ussually not available" right that minute. FINALLY: you get the check and you would feel like a fast food restaurant as they would make every attemp to get you out of that table. In brief: The $35 will be about $70 with NO SERVICE, LUNCH SIZE, NO CHOICES FOR DESSERTS, AND DRINKS AT PREMIUM PRICE.
vs. taking advantage of the specials offered by high end restaurants that do not participate in the Miami Spice without wasting money and calories in an OK appetizer and dessert, have a nice meal, and receive full service for probably the same price. In case you didn't get it, I am totally against Miami Spice, it was a great program that somehow went bad by poor monitoring. REGULAR MENU PLEASE!!! and DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL AVAILABLE?????

Well, I guess an important question is 'was the margarita that good'?

I agree that tap water is usually the best route. I'll also go with iced tea (unsweet and unflavored) if I'm hankering for a drink.

However, the rest of your meal sounds lovely. I'm sorry that it was spoiled by sticker shock.

Recession or not, I ask, ask, ask! Sometimes there are hidden fees during these specials. Don't feel bad, it's a frugalista slip - lesson learned. Glad you enjoyed the company you were with.

A nice meal and tap water is not the best pairing. I cosign with Linda on the house wine.

$17 for a margarita? Was it fantastically good or fantastically large??? That's more than I spend on dinner per person! Like GLM, I want to know if it was GOOD!

In New York City we have restaurant week a few times a year...and although the meal will be reasonably priced it's always the drinks that put you over the top. So as you said I either don't order a drink, budget for a drink or choose to go to lunch instead of dinner because lunch is always cheaper.

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