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I never really thought about who got the items that I've donated before...I guess I'm just happy that they're being re-used in general. But I always let friends and family rummage through my bags first before heading off to Goodwill.

I donate avidly to Goodwill. Recession or not I still donate

Great point! I have thought about this myself too as I donate often to Goodwill and the VA.

I typically donate what I absolutely can't use or don't need anymore. Personally, I don't care where it ends up once it leaves my house, as long as it isn't in the land fill right away. Ultimately, I would love to think it all goes to someone who really needs and can use it. For tax write offs, it never benefits me greatly for it to matter too much. However, I do keep the receipts.

With a growing boy who outgrows clothing fairly quickly, I do my best to make sure they go to where it's needed most. I prefer to go with someone or a friend of a friend who could use/need than Goodwill or Sally Ann.

I mostly donate to my friends, co-workers and church members. Especially my children clothes the items I buy for the kids are precious to me and I like to see others with them that I know would appreciate them. My baby is 9 months and I have been so blessed by several friends last year who gave me infant and toddler clothes. At that age they outgrow them often. Now I am giving the infant clothes that are too little to a friend and church member. Passing down blessings is how I see it. The tax write off is not important. These are tight times... I am not ashamed to save a few dollars at thrift stores for myself or my children it saves money.

I like to donate suits to Covenant House Florida so the kids have interview clothing. Not only do I feel good donating to an excellent worldwide charity, but I may even help a homeless kid get a job. (And yes, I do work for Covenant House, but it doesn't make my donations any less important.)

I don't worry too much about where they go. I'm a pack rat that needs to get stuff out of my apartment. I let my friends go through stuff before heading to Salvation Army too. If I had more time, I'd probably sell the good stuff on Ebay myself.

Thank you everyone for your comments! I think I should worry a little bit less about who gets the clothes. I'm going to focus on the fact that it's good for the environment and someone else may be as happy with the clothes as I have been. Yes, I am clothing obsessed. :)

We always donated to Utah's version of Goodwill - Deseret Industries. We shopped there too, not often for clothes, but for books and housewares. But it seems my mom always had a "DI" pile going. I don't think we ever did it as a write off, but just because we were always taught that's what you did.

There was only my brother and I in the house - no one really to pass things off to either.

I certainly give away my items that are in good condition. I have given things away to different organizations as well as to people who I knew personally. I have never donated for a tax write off. I think I would be upset if someone were to profit from my offerings...

My family donates clothing and other items to a number of charities. Their websites usually state where the proceeds from the sale of our items go to. That is good enough for me.

Your mom is right - donate to people you know. I want to make sure that my donations go to people who deserve them the most. And it is true that some who do not need that much get better stuff than those who do, so I always make it a point to give to those I know. And nothing beats the pleasure of actually witnessing the effect of what little help you can give. My Well Of wealth

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