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Dang, it sucks that you had to toss out off of those fab goodies but I think you did the right thing in the end so don't beat yourself up Frugalista.

What a tough dilemma...especially with such great swag. I think you did what you had to do. Nevertheless, maybe conferences could give an option to attendees to receive swag or not OR partner with a worthy cause to donate swag that can't travel. After all, who needs 8 jumbo-sized lotions? Seriously.

Well, if you couldn't consolidate, then you did the right thing. You obviously put some thought into it before trashing it, so that alone gets you points on the waste meter. I mean, why pay money for to carry free stuff. That cancels out the whole idea I say.

It only makes sense to pay if you have more than $25 worth of highly desirable crap. I always try to plan carefully for stuff I'll bring back cuz I'm anti bag check (even when it's free)

If you have to pay $25 to keep free stuff, it ain't free. Had you done that you'd probably be kicking yourself for it. While I am not well versed on the finer points of lotion, eyelashes and barbie dolls, I'm pretty sure you kept the really good stuff. Think of the baggage fee as a safety net to make sure you didn't become a glutton.

Hmmmm....I would have probably done the same thing.....however, I do love Broke's idea about the partnership with organizations who could use the materials...

I would have tried to offer it to the airline clerk. Aren't they cutting back on a bunch of freebies. I'm sure they would have appreciated it. It was brand new stuff!

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