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great ideas! i'm going to a 70's themed party in a few more weeks for a friend's birthday party. i didn't think about wearing a maxi dress- i have plenty of those, so i think i'll wear that with my afro puffs, lol.

This is so awful, but in an attempt to go cheap, my husband has convinced both my children to be ghosts for Halloween. He then found a pack of Twin sheets on sale at Target for $6. So, when you add up two sheets, a pair of scissors and two children, you'll get two ghosts.

I'm going to cut the eye holes tomorrow, and make sure the fitted sheet (once I cut off the elastic) fits over my two-year-old.

Nat Nat . . . How about this one . . . 70s basketball star . . .
- Short shorts a la Magic Johnson in '79
- Extra "schmedium" tank top/jersey
- Knee high 3 ring socks
- Chuck Taylors or old school Nike Dunks
- Headband
- Goggles a la' Kurt Rambis and James Worthy



I am probably gonna be Urkel. Thanks to Jaleel White that costume is cheap and instantly recognizable at the same time. In fact I can't think of one thing I don't already have - including the name.

@Niki: Ohh, afro puffs...I wonder if I can part my fro wig? You inspire, also!
@Rasheeda: The hubby took it old school! $3 for the two costumes? High five! BOO!
@Steve: Aw, so perfect. You have the glasses, too? Um...Do you wear them everyday or just for "special occasions?" Did I ASK that (said in Urkel voice)?

Natalie, You look Pam Grier Groovy!

Actually I DO have the glasses already. I still have the military issue glasses I got in the desert years ago. Have you ever seen a pair? They used to call 'em BCGs - Birth Control Glasses. I just need to find them and add some tape. And I have to agree with Ananda, you look great in that afro!

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