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Well look at this way, If they get thirsty while out trick or treating they will have something to sip on LOL!

Juice boxes are fine. They're sealed. And can help wash down all the candy one receives. And, as a plus, juice boxes are almost as bad for your teeth as some candy!

Tell Mama Frugalista that juice boxes are not any healthier for either her or the kiddies than candy. Packaged juice is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and caloric content similar to that of a mini candy bar. The kiddies who sip on some juice while trick-or-treating will just be super thirsty when they finish. Thanks to the razor-blades-in-apples idiots, there are no good, healthy trick-or-treat alternatives anymore. So I'd advise Mama to do something to give back to the community next year -- like collect used Halloween costumes to donate to needy children -- and save her own waistline as well as the children's.

...maybe juice boxes will be a refreshing treat to tired trick-or-treaters...I know that I was getting pretty thirsty chasing my kids around the neighborhood (especially after sneaking some of their candy, lol!!) Plus a juice box probably feels really heavy in their bag ... like something REALLY good ;)

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