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I am also doing the un-Thanksgiving thing again this year. In fact, it has been 5 years since I have celebrated Thanksgiving with family. They live out of state. I am single with no kids, so I get stuck working a lot of holidays. The work is piling up today, but I will use tomorrow as a day to catch up on work. I also have to work Friday. I don't bring up holidays with people either, but some invited me anyway, so I may visit friends tomorrow (not sure). I do miss having eating turkey, so I may stop off at a restaurant tonight and get some tonight or tomorrow. I am thankful everyday for family, health, and websites (like yours) that help me save money. BTW, have you checked out Groupon? Have a Happy (and restful) Thanksgiving and stay frugal!

We were going to drive to Utah today and try to see both our parents and everyone. Then hubs decided we should stay home so he could study. No lie, I miss my family, but its awesome to just relax!

Good for you! My goal is to stay in jammies until 3 p.m.

I always appreciate a post like this one. It is unconventional, honest, and based on good reasoning. - I have boycotted Thanksgiving twice in the past and I have not regretted it.

Thanks everyone for your comments. My holiday was very restful. I ate at my favorite restaurant and shunned the turkey when offered. I'll come out of my cocoon for Christmas. No regrets for the un-Thanksgiving. Thank you for your support! There's more of us! :)

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