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Hon, I say #1 - talk to Kenny the Magnificent up front, and let him know that you are also cost conscious. Give him the opportunity to work with you! And don't be silly, you'd look lovely no matter what!

I feel ya Natalie! I went natural about 3 years ago and it saved me a bundle. I wear my natural curl now with no plans of going back. HOWEVER! If I had found a Kenny...I'd be giving up Starbucks and the $3.50 candy bars that I love in order to see him at least twice a month!! My vote? 1 and 5!

This is really funny. I love the "Kenny budget."

I think one of the points of being frugal is to splurge for the things that are important to us. For me, that's travel. One of your priorities might be your hair. So I say go for it, until it's really stretching the budget or you need to save for something else. Maybe do it half as often so it's not quite as big an expense?

But going back to the old stylist is NOT an option. Waiting an hour to be seen- geez!

I totally understand where you're coming from. I would alternate between #1, #2 and 3, with #3 being the last resort, and when you need to save $$. But if you're all about Kenny - and no shame if you are - something's gotta give. Go from every 2 wks to every 3 for a while and put the savings into your Kenny fund. Think twice, though, before you commit to Kenny all the way ... at least for now. It costs too much to be High Maintenance!!

There's nothing wrong with splurging on yourself every now and then. If it's to go see Kenny, let it be to go see Kenny. You work hard, you should reward yourself.

Being a Frugalista is about saving money on the stuff that doesn't matter so that the funds are there for the stuff that does.

Your hair matters.


Everyone should be allowed one vice/toy/guilty pleasure/ whatever you call it. This can be yours. Maybe just don't every two weeks. Mix #1 and #2

STAY WITH KENNY!!!! You should cut corners someplace else. Cook more often and prepare lunch for work. There is nothing that tops leaving the hair salon and loving the way your hair is styled.(priceless)

I vote for #1. It's your crown and glory :-)

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I vote for #1, good grooming and appearance is everything and healthy hair is a plus. I agree with the other comments, cut back on others things and allow this to be 'your thing'. Great stylist are hard to find...

Hey, I want to see a picture of this fabulous hair-do. Options #1 and #4 are all right with me.

Hands down #1! You need to find a way to keep getting your hair done by Kenny. You loved it so much, we talked about it almost an hour. I could tell you got some extra mojo!

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