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Q&A with Reggie Nelson

29 days until kickoff...

Reggienelson JACKSONVILLE -- I caught up with Florida all-American safety Reggie Nelson on Wednesday after the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice. Nelson is a long way from Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College, the place where his humble college football career began. Life is good these days. Nelson is newly rich after recently signing a five-year contract worth $13.1 million and is a projected starter on one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Q: Have you bought anything with your money yet?

A: I just want to take care of my kid. That is my main priority.

Q: Did it hit you of what was going on while you were signing?

A: The signing hasn't hit me yet. But you know all the guys keep teasing about the money. It's just funny right now.

Q: How is training camp different from mini-camp?

A: "You know everybody is good in shorts. You know when you put the pads on then we will find out who can play and who can't."

Q: Do you have a lot of steam coming off a national championship?

A: "I don't think I got a lot of steam. It's all about playing football.  Just got to come out and play football."

Q: How are you preparing for your first NFL start?Reggienelsonjags

A: "I just got to study and keep studying."

Q: Is Tim Tebow the mayor of Gainesville this season?

A: [Laughter] "Tim Tebow has been the mayor of Gainesville since last season. When he walked on campus he was the mayor."


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