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November 30, 2007

Five quitters in two weeks? My rant on transferring, Rivals.com and college-football hypocrisy!

GAINESVILLE -- Players are quitting Florida's football program at a remarkable rate. The count is up to three and folks inside the locker room think that number might increase. The guys already gone: Trent Pupello (DE), Jarred Fayson (WR) and Chevon Walker (RB). Two more players -- Bryan Waggener (QB) and Bo Williams (RB) –- will probably be gone soon as well. Williams (Oakland Park Northeast) told me yesterday that he's done at UF and Waggener also wants to transfer.

So many players jumping ship ... What's the problem, exactly? The head coach didn't get fired, did he? You usually only see this many players leave a program when the head coach gets canned or the NCAA infractions people come calling. The last time I checked, Florida should have one of the best teams in the country next season. Don't players want to win a national championship? Florida, of course, will tell you that it's no big deal that players are leaving and that the program is in good health. Kids these days...

Of course, Gator Clause is going to have to disagree with that, especially in the cases of Fayson and Williams. It is a big deal. They're both good athletes but that's not their best characteristics. Their best characteristics: Both are great kids. With so many players getting into trouble in Gainesville these days, UF should probably want to make an effort to keep around some of the moral leaders.

As for the kids-these-days perspective (that's the go-to cliché for programs in denial that there's an in-house problem), there might actually be some truth to that idea.

You could blame Florida for not retaining some of its up-and-comers (the buck stops with Coach Meyer, right?) but I'd much rather point the finger somewhere else. From Gator Clause's perspective, no one is really to "blame," but we will indict recruiting websites such as Rivals.com and Scout.com for filling high school football players' heads with an inflated perception of self and fostering a culture of play now or transfer.

High school players are nobodies when they show up to college. That's the reality. Internet recruiting websites, however, are telling these high school kids that they're "five-star talents" and "program changers" and "the greatest thing since bacon!"

Mr. Better Than Bacon then shows up to campus after signing his national letter of "intent to take over the world" and finds out quickly that he's one of the worst players on the team. A five-star rating on Rivals.com only means you're the shiniest lure in the tackle box. Never mind that they can't swim with the big fish, freshmen aren't even capable of swimming. They just float around and get eaten. No offense to freshmen, but you guys pretty much stink like 10 paper mills. (Give credit to Florida for winning nine games this season. They're team was made up mostly of freshmen and slightly-less-worse sophomores. Tim Tebow, Percy Harvin and Brandon Spikes are the exceptions, of course.)

It's like this: You're an ugly girl (freshman football player). Hideous, really. I mean zits, bad breath, fat ankles, mustache, all that. But you're whole life your dad (Rivals.com) has been telling you that you're the most beautiful thing in the world. And why shouldn't he, he's a good dad and in his eyes you're the next Angelina Jolie. Then, finally, on your 18th birthday, your big coming-out party arrives and you get to show everyone just how gorgeous you are. But SURPRISE!!! you get stoned to death for scaring children because your face looks like a half melted Mrs. Potato Head.

And it's no surprise that this comes as a major shock to most freshmen. This is what they were used to before the stoning: Being called on the cell phone 452,873 times a day by Internet recruiting websites for live-on-the-eights updates of their lives, being told at least 35 times a day at school that they're a five-star recruit and that means "you're going to play in The League one day" and, finally, being constantly doted on by college coaches.

Then those same college coaches -- the ones who make millions of dollars on the backs of (cough-cough) students -- immediately send you to the bench and tell you how pathetic you are, and what a waste and you'll be lucky to contribute on special teams. Because that's reality. Because that's what good coaches, motivators, bosses, drill sergeants do: tear you down to make you better.

The Catch-22 at Florida this season: With so many underclassmen, a freshman player's perspective of Florida's football program was slightly bent. There just weren't enough juniors and seniors to field a proper team. Many freshmen played and the ones that didn't thought they had been forgotten. Never mind that every freshman who graced the field this season pretty much played football like a one-handed deaf man plays piano. Sure, Maurkice Pouncey, Joe Haden and Major Wright got a few notes right now and then but mostly they just banged around clumsily.

Meanwhile, Florida accepted a transfer from USC (running back Emmanuel Moody) that absolutely screamed of hypocrisy. How in the world can you preach loyalty and patience to the program on one hand and then welcome a program deserter/gun for hire on the other. It makes no sense. And by that logic there is no possible way Florida can get upset when its players realize this whole college football fairytale is actually just like any other business (only the employees don't get paid) and they decide to leave for a better job to advance their careers.

And it should be noted that this whole transferring nonsense is partly fostered by a broken high school system. The Florida High School Athletic Association allows players to transfer schools throughout high school with no penalty. Elite high school players in Florida (South Florida in particular) grow up without the slightest notion of loyalty to a program. It should come as no surprise that those same players only care for themselves when they get to college. It’s not their fault. It’s what they’ve been taught.


November 25, 2007

Tebow fractured bone during victory against FSU

GAINESVILLE — Florida quarterback Tim Tebow fractured a bone in non-throwing right hand on Saturday during the Gators’ 45-12 win against Florida State.

Florida sports information director Steve McClain described the injury as a non-displaced fracture on Sunday and said that the injury will require a cast for at least two weeks, meaning Tebow could be accepting a Heisman Trophy with one hand. McClain said Tebow should be healthy by bowl season. Florida (9-3) is eligible for the Bowl Championship Series but will likely play in either the Capital One Bowl in Orlando or the Outback Bowl in Tampa. Both bowls are on New Year’s Day.

Tebow accounted for five touchdowns on Saturday (three passing, two rushing). His season totals are staggering: 51 total touchdowns (29 passing, 22 rushing) and a school-record 3,970 yards of total offense.

Tebow injured his hand during his third-quarter touchdown run, which gave Florida a 31-12 lead. The sophomore quarterback showed no signs of the injury during his post-game press conference and neither he nor Florida coach Urban Meyer mentioned the injury. According to McClain, team trainers determined during the game that Tebow wasn’t at risk of further injuring his hand after suffering the injury. McClain said that the extent of the injury wasn’t known until after the post-game press conference.


Where was Jarred Fayson?

GAINESVILLE -- Anyone besides me wondering where Jarred Fayson disappeared to on Saturday. The sophomore receiver didn't touch the ball once during Florida's 45-12 win against Florida State. Fayson was dressed and on the sidelines but he didn't contribute to the blowout. Perhaps he was injured, but Florida coach Urban Meyer never mentioned anything about Fayson in the week leading up to the game. Of course, it's not as if Meyer is going to volunteer that information before the Gators' biggest rivalry game.


November 24, 2007

UF 45, FSU 12 (Final)


Florida begins the second half with some power football. The Gators drove 81 yards on SIX SNAPS and they were all rushing plays. Tebow capped the drive with a five-yard run, giving him 22 rushing touchdowns on the season. That ties the NCAA record for rusing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season. Florida 31, FSU 12; 12:14.

Cismesia kicks a 60-yard field goal before the end of the half. Amazing.

Florida kicker Joey Ijjas makes a 35-yard field goal to give Florida a 24-9 lead with 22 seconds left in the half. If Florida State can't figure out how to get in the end zone at halftime, then this game is over.

Tebow finds Louis Murphy for a 14-yard touchdown pass to give Florida a 21-6 lead; 8:48 second quarter. FSU defensive back J.R. Bryant missed a tackle, allowing Murphy to walk into the end zone.

You know this Tebow guy? He's just a product of Urban Meyer's offense...laughable. What an amazing pass (32 yards) from Tebow to Louis Murphy to give Florida a 14-3 lead; 2:46 in the first. That might have been Tebow's best touchdown throw of the season. He now has 27 passing touchdowns and 21 rushing touchdowns on the year and has at least one rushing and one passing touchdown in 13-straight games. 

You know FSU's offensive line is bad if Florida can establish a pass rush. Florida's defensive linemen (Jermaine Cunningham and Justin Trattou) pressured Weatherford into two incompletions and the Noles had to punt away.

Tim Tebow just offered one of his most amazing runs of the season with 6:26 left in the first quarter. He rolled out of a tackle (FSU defensive tackle Justin Mincey) at the line of scrimmage and then out ran FSU's defensive backs up the middle of the field for a 23-yard touchdown. Florida 7, FSU 3.

Geno Hayes talks smack to Tebow after a Florida delay of game and then Tebow side steps Hayes for a 16-yard gain on the next play. This is going to be a good game. Tebow looked angry and then motioned to the crowd with waving arms.

Just an observation but Florida and FSU are both using receivers as running backs today. Parker for FSU and Harvin for Florida. The two players already have eight carries between them with 7:18 left in the first quarter.

A 21-yard field goal by FSU's Gary Cismesia gives the 'Noles a 3-0 lead.

Major Wright meet Preston Parker. Wright, Florida's freshman safety, just missed tackling Parker badly on a 12-yard Florida State gain. The two players know each other, of course. Wright's St. Thomas Aquinas beat Parker's Atlantic in a high school playoff game in 2005. (Parker was Atlantic's only offense).

Florida freshman cornerback Joe Haden isn't in the game. Jacques Rickerson and Markihe Anderson are in at cornerback and nickel. Wondy Pierre-Louis is the other starting cornerback.

Two FSU plays; Two Preston Parker carries. Will Parker start at tailback next season for FSU?

Joiner was apparently reinstated as a team captain this week. He's walking out to midfield right now along with Drew Miller, Derrick Harvey and Bubba. Joiner, of course, was stripped of his captaincy earlier this season when he attempted to break his girlfriend's car out of a towing service's impound yard.

The Gators are in all blue today for Florida State. Urban Meyer is greeting each senior at the 25-yard line before kickoff (today is senior day).

There's Tony Joiner. Meyer gave everyone else a handshake and he gave Tony Joiner a hug. Now Bubba Caldwell. Gotta love Bubba. He stops in the end zone and points to the capacity crowd. "I've been here for five long years. Now clap for me, people."


November 19, 2007

POLL: Should Percy play on Saturday?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida receiver Percy Harvin is headache free and back on the practice field. But does that mean he should play against Florida State?

November 17, 2007

FINAL: UF 88, Rutgers 63


GAINESVILLE -- That's all, folks. Florida beat Rutgers 88-63 and five players scored in double figures: Marreese Speights (18), Jai Lucas (15), Walter Hodge (14), Nick Calathes (11) and Dan Werner (10). Florida outrebounded Rutgers 43-28.

Dan Werner is having his best game as a Gator. With 1:50 left in the game he has 10 points and nine rebounds. Florida 85-61; 1:34.

The students are singing Paul Simon now (per tradition) and Florida leads by 19 with 6:54 left. Jonathan Mitchell is in and playing well. He swished a three-pointer with 8:42 left and then forced a turnover.

Country Boy Adam Allen is going to kill himself on the court this season. He just absorbed a charge a few plays after going hard to the court for an offensive rebound. Meanwhile, Marreese Speights with two pretty turnaround baby-hooks and a nice putback. Florida 65, Rutgers 48; 11:57.

Here's Chandler Parsons in a nutshell so far this season. He just swished a three-pointer but moments later failed to rotate over on defense and allowed an easy Rutgers lay-up. Like Parsons, Florida is pretty good but they still have a lot to learn. Florida 59, Rutgers 46; 14:43.

Florida is playing great transition basketball to start the second half. Calathes scored an easy lay-up on a fastbreak and Speights just dunked after a Dan Werner steal. Florida 56-42; 16:21.

One leg of the Gators' doubleheader down and one to go. Inside the O'Dome now following the Gators' football win against Florida Atlantic. The basketball Gators are leading Rutgers 48-33 at halftime thanks to a 17-2 run to end the period. The game was tied at 31-all with 5:51 left in the half before Florida's lead ballooned to 15. The flurry of points featured two three-pointers from junior Walter Hodge, another from freshman Jai Lucas and a sweet alley-oop from Nick Calathes to Marreese Speights.

Walter Hodge nine points (all on three-pointers)
Jai Lucas eight points (two three-pointers)
Mo Speights eight points (one alley-oop from Nick Calathes)
Nick Calathes seven points, three rebounds, two assists
Dan Werner six points, five rebounds


Final: UF 59, FAU 20

GAINESVILLE -- Had to write my football stories for the newspaper. Now I'm inside the O'Dome watching the basketball team.


Defensive back-ups in now for Florida with nine minutes left in the game. Georgia leads Kentucky, which is bad news for Florida fans but good news if you want to see Florida play Ron Zook and the Fighting Zookers in a bowl game.

Cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis appears to have injured his left hand with 2:40 left in the third quarter.

Florida freshman tight end Aaron Hernandez with a brillant one-handed catch in the end zone to give the Gators a 49-20 lead with 5:16 left in the third. Three touchdowns passing and a career-high 323 yards for Tebow.

Caldwell with 12 catches already today, a career high.

Florida's defense actually makes a stop, holding FAU on fourth-and-one at the UF 44. Urban Meyer screaming and cheering on his defense now. Way too much emotion for the FAU game, Urb. Gotta be SEC elitist cool when facing the Owls.

Florida Atlantic quarterback Rusty Smith threw for 247 yards in the first half but none of it was to Florida cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis' side of the field. FAU is scared of Wondy.

Florida opens the second half with a quick scoring drive. Kestahn Moore caps the four-play sequence with a six-yard touchdown run. Moore with two rushing touchdowns on the day. Wondering if Tebow plays the entire second half. Probably, that's how badly Florida's defense is playing today.

Florida freshman defensive lineman Mike Pouncey injured and walking into the locker room with trainers.

Cornelius Ingram cathes everything...including his second touchdown of the half to give Florida a 35-20 lead with nine seconds on the clock.

Another catch by Caldwell and The Swamp gives the fifth-year senior a standing ovation for setting all-time receptions record.

Caldwell ties the all-time receptions record (172) with 1:02 left in the half.

Gritty FAU still clinging to hope here at Florida Field. Rusty Smith makes like Tim Tebow and rushes for a one-yard score. Florida 28, FAU 20; 1:13. This just in...Florida's defense has now allowed 51 points to Sun Belt teams.

Tebow rushes for his 20th touchdown, breaking the single-season SEC record. Tebow is now the only player in the history of the NCAA to rush and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season. Florida 28, FAU 13; 4:55. The scoring drive was set up by 40-yard pass from Tebow to Caldwell. Caldwell with seven catches now, or one away from tying Carlos Alvarez's record.

FAU not going away. Warley kicks a 43-yard field goal to make it 21-13.

More important than this game (no offense FAU fans), but Kentucky is beating Georgia 10-0...

Haden appears to have injured his shoulder making a tackle. Markihe Anderson in and FAU immediate throws to his side.

Terrible pass from Tebow. Intended for Louis Murphy but intercepted by Corey Small. That's the 18th consecutive game FAU's defense has intercepted a pass. Florida's Major Wright, the Tebow of the defense (according to Meyer) just missed a tackle...make that two tackles and Florida Atlantic scores its first touchdown, a 20-yard pass from Rusty Smith to Cortez Smith. Florida 21, FAU 10; 10:25.

Florida Atlantic gets on the board with a 40-yard field goal from Warley Leroy. Nice name. Florida 21, FAU 3; 13:00 in the second quarter.

Nice touchdown catch by Cornelius Ingram (four yards) to give Florida a 21-0 lead. This Tebow kid is pretty good.

Tim Tebow just got blown up a split second after a shovel pass to Aaron Hernandez. Cam Newton now in a quarterback while Tebow figures out where he is. Nice play by Tebow holding onto the ball until the last possible moment.

Florida's Joey Sorrentino (walk-on alert!!!) blocks an FAU punt and Markus Manson returns it 19 yards for a touchdown. Florida 14, FAU 0; 6:08. This is going to be a long game.

Florida freshman cornerback Joe Haden is having a great first quarter with three pass break-ups in two drives.

Florida takes the lead with a nine-yard run from Kestahn Moore. The scoring drive (85 yards in four minutes) featured four catches from Andre Caldwell, who is now four catches away from the record. Tebow is perfect (6-of-6) so far against the Owls. Hoot cares?!? Florida 7, FAU 0; 8:39.

Two Tebow passes. Two Andre Caldwell catches. Florida's all-time receptions record is only six catches away now.

Florida Atlantic's fight name is the Owls. That's a great name. Howard Schnellenberger hates that name. Can't imagine why. The Fighting Owls ... now there's a great name. In related news, the game is under way and there's a few line-up changes to report. Jarred Fayson just returned the Gators first punt for three yards. Where is Brandon James, the kick return extraordinary? Maybe's he's in trouble. That would explain why he didn't want to speak with any reporters this week...(and Markus Manson moved to running back.)

Noon game vs. Florida Atlantic? This is a recipe for disinterest. But never mind that, here we are in The Swamp in our favorite press box seat. Florida Field is freshly painted and Florida Atlantic is looking very oceanic. That made no sense but it does rhyme...Off to find Percy Harvin, I'll be back for kickoff. 


November 15, 2007

What's this? Dixon hurt?

GAINESVILLE -- Watching the Oregon vs. Arizona game at my neighborhood watering hole (drinking water, duh) and it looks like Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon just injured his knee. Dixon is crying on the sidelines. Doesn't look good for the poor guy. Tebow's Heisman chances just got pretty serious.


Meyer: Harvin won't play

GAINESVILLE -- Florida receiver Percy Harvin will not play on Saturday, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer.

Meyer said Thursday night that Harvin, the Gators' leading receiver, continued to experience migraine headaches throughtout the day and, for the fourth consecutive day, received treatment at a University of Florida medical facility. Harvin began experiencing headaches related to a sinus infection last week, according to Meyer, and the sophomore did not travel with the team to Columbia, S.C., for the Gators' away game against South Carolina.

"I went and saw him today," Meyer said. "He was in the infirmary all day."

Meyer said he had a former player at Utah suffer from migraines and "they shut him down for four days."

--Redshirt sophomore Marcus Gilbert, a Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas grad, could start at offensive guard in place of injured freshman Maurkice Pouncey on Saturday, according to Meyer.

"[Gilbert] has stepped in and is doing a very nice job," Meyer said.

Pouncey, who injured his ankle against South Carolina, is healthy enough to play, according to Meyer.


POLL: It's simple folks, will Tebow win the Heisman?

GAINESVILLE -- The University of Florida has taken a cautious approach this season in marketing its sophomore quarterback, Tim Tebow, for the Heisman Trophy. UF brushed off Heisman talk earlier this season. The wait-and-see approach took a turn after the Gators' win against South Carolina when Florida coach Urban Meyer referred to Tebow's seven-touchdown performance as the best individual effort by a quarterback he had ever seen.

Ballots went out Tuesday morning for the Heisman Trophy and Florida's sports information office disseminated this press release today [Wednesday], alerting members of the media that Tebow will hold a national teleconference on Monday. Here's the press release, detailing Tebow's amazing season and comparing it to past winners of the Heisman Trophy and other current Heisman candidates...

The Gators have two remaining home games on the regular-season schedule, which has been ranked as the second- toughest in the nation according to the NCAA.

A couple of nuggets you might not know about Tim Tebow:

Tebow has already rushed for as many or more TDs (19) this season than the following did in their most productive year: Emmitt Smith, Herschel Walker, Shaun Alexander, Bo Jackson, Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, Ron Dayne and Archie Griffin.

Tim has accounted for an SEC single-season record 42 TDs. The total is more than 85 Division I-A teams, including 11 in the current AP top 25. The total is more than the following Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks in the season they won the honor: Danny Wuerffel (1996, 41), Jason White (2003, 41), Carson Palmer (2002, 37), Matt Leinart (2004, 36), Chris Weinke (2000, 34), Troy Smith (2006, 31), Charlie Ward (1993, 31). Only two quarterbacks that won the Heisman have ever accounted for more: Andre Ware (1989, 49), Ty Detmer (1990, 45).

Of the 72 Heisman Trophy Winners, only 11 came from undefeated and untied teams. Of the 72, 35 came from teams with 2-or-more losses and nearly 20 percent have come from teams with three-or-more losses.

Tim has rushed for more TDs in 2007 than Darren McFadden (Tebow 19, McFadden 12). He has thrown for more TDs and rushed for more than twice as many TDs this year as Dennis Dixon (Tebow 23 passing, Dixon 20; Tebow 19 rushing, Dixon 8) and has thrown roughly a third of the interceptions as Matt Ryan has (Tebow 5, Ryan 13).

FAN RANT: So good we had to give him his own headline!

GAINESVILLE -- Every week or so or whenever Gator Clause gets a well-written comment from a Gators fan (theoretically this could happen every day if more people commented), Gator Clause will blog the comment, give it a headline and bow to its brillance out of respect to the well-informed fan. This week's rhetorical masterpiece comes from Adam Malley, a student attending the University of Florida. (Gator Clause has no idea where Malley is from.)

Malley writes in response to the idea of Kestahn Moore starting at running back this weekend:
Moore"Moore should start, but only so he can get his fumbles out against an FAU team we have no chance of losing to. That way when an FSU team, that NEEDS its defense to make a big play to win, comes to town he will be benched and not have a chance to cost us the game.


Nsbarber"Moore reminds me of Tiki Barber from three or four years back before Tom Coughlin got there the way he always fumbled cause he held the ball like an a-hole. The only difference is UF has other people to touch the ball without the offense missing a beat whereas the Giants didn't and had to keep feeding Tiki.

OmareppsFixing the way you hold the ball can't happen during the season, so that's what Kestahn needs to do all next spring and summer. Urban needs to make him walk around campus in the spring holding a ball a la Omar Epps in "The Program". Let the other players try to knock it away throughout the day.

"Hey, it worked in the movies."

AUDIO: Listen to Goody and Mike-Mike rap about Florida hoops; Player interviews with Nick Calathes and Chandler Parsons

More free Florida Gators coverage that you couldn't find anywhere else even if you wanted to pay for it...

GAINESVILLE -- The basketball Gators pounded yet another opponent on Wednesday, beating North Carolina Central 105-51. Miami Herald writers Joseph "Goody" Goodman and Mike "Mike-Mike" McCall break down the game (yawn) but then laugh about Shane Payne's missed dunk at the end of the podcast. Shane Payne, a freshman walk-on from Broward County, is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the O'Dome (as I predicted). Yes, Shane did miss a dunk late in the game on Wednesday, but, hey, he did get rim...that's more than most guys can say.


PODCAST: Postgame session from a park bench outside the O'Dome, featuting ParkermudI-break-all-the-stories Mike McCall and the father of this muddy little boy.


CalathesMarreese Speights had 19 points and nine rebounds. Florida guard Nick Calathes says Speights' inside presence will be important this season.


ParsonsChandler Parsons had 22 points (including four three-pointers and a dunk), eight rebounds, seven assists, three steals in 18 MINUTES! And he still had time cure Percy Harvin of his sinus infection.

Exhibit A: Colt Brennan is not Tim Tebow

GAINESVILLE -- Further evidence that Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, a Warrior, is not the Teebster. For the record, Gator Clause is a big Colt Brennan fan and Gator Clause wishes Brennan the best in his recovery from "the concussion heard throughout the islands."

POLL: Should Kestahn Moore start at running back on Saturday

GAINESVILLE -- Florida running back Kestahn Moore had a bad game against Georgia, fumbling twice. Unable to rely on Moore, the Gators' coaching staff inserted sophomore receiver Percy Harvin into the backfield against Vanderbilt and Harvin responded with over 100 yards rushing. But Harvin didn't play against South Carolina due to migraine headaches related to a sinus infection. Running backs Brandon James and Jarred Fayson both fumbled against the Gamecocks and Moore played well, rushing for 38 yards on six carries (6.3 yards per carry). Harvin hasn't practiced since last week and might not play against Florida Atlantic. The poll question is simple...


Harvin goes to the clinic; More questions and less answers

GAINESVILLE -- Florida sophomore Percy Harvin didn't practice again on Wednesday. Florida's best player (no offense Tebster) missed his fifth practice because of, according to Florida coach Urban Meyer, more symptoms related to a sinus infection.

Meyer said that Harvin visited the clinic today for fluids and tests. When asked if "clinic" meant "hospital," Florida's sports information department said they didn't know and that they would find out. Florida's sports information department never got back to the Miami Herald and a request to speak with Harvin's physician was also met with ignorance.

According to Meyer and Harvin's mother, Linda Harvin, Percy Harvin couldn't play against South Carolina because of migraine headaches. Linda Harvin did not return phone calls on Wednesday.


November 14, 2007

Heisman News: YouTube.com's best of Tim Tebow

GAINESVILLE -- You can find plenty of Tim Tebow highlights on YouTube.com. Here's one of the best, edited by Chrisleakfan4forlife.


G3: Florida 105, N.C. Central 51

GAINESVILLE -- Chandler Parsons led the Gators with 22 points, eight rebounds and seven assists and Florida beat N.C. Central 105-51.

Me and Mike-Mike McCall could have beaten N.C. Central. Mike-Mike is laughing right now.

Florida (3-0)
Chandler Parsons 22 points, seven assists, eight rebounds, three steals
Marreese Speights, 19 points, two assists, nine rebounds, two blocks
Nick Calathes 16 points, eight assists, four rebounds
Alex Tyus 13 points, five rebounds, two blocks
Walter Hodge nine points, two assists, four rebounds, three steals
Adam Allen seven points, one assist, two rebounds


Another timeout. (Just thinking aloud here: Why must we have timeouts?) Alex Tyus slammed home another DUNK and Florida leads 78-35 with 11:17 left. That's it, folks. This blog is done (40-point no-blogging threshold reached). Check back in a few for the final score and stats.

TIMEOUT. Monster alley-oop DUNK from Nicky Calathes to Alex Tyus. Tyus now with four points (all on dunks). Calathes with seven assists. Florida 73, NC Central 35, 13:32. Florida up by 38 points. Shutting down the live blog if no one is reading. Gotta write my game story for the newspaper. Please tell me if you're still reading.

Parsons having a career (three games now) night. He just scored a mid-range jumper after a Jai Lucas three-point miss. Parsons has 14 points. Why in the world is Lucas still shooting threes with a 34-point lead? Florida 66, NC Central 32, 15:08.

Starting to think Nicky Calathes can't dunk. He just had an easy breakaway and he opted for the lay-up. YOU GOTTA DUNK THAT, [expletive]. (To quote an Adam Sandler movie.) Florida 59, NC Central Eagles 26. Nearing the no blog threshold now. FYI: A 40-point Florida lead is the no-blogging threshold. 17:30

BREAKING NEWS: The Dazzlers changed from shiny orange tops to shiny blue tops at halftime. In other news, the second half started.

HALFTIME Florida 57, NC Central 25

Speights 13 points, five rebounds and one assist.
Calathes 12, 1, 6
Parsons 12, 3, 5
Werner 5, 2, 4
Allen 5, 2, 0
Lucas 4, 0, 2
Hodge 4, 1, 0
Tyus 2, 2, 0
Mitchell 0, 0, 0 (But Mitchell does have two fouls!)

Florida freshman forward Alex Tyus DUNKS for his first points of the night. Nice no-look assist from Nicky Calathes. Calathes with six assists in the first half. KEY STAT: Florida is outrebounding NC Central 19-6. ANOTHER KEY STAT: NC Central couldn't beat Fort Lauderdale Dillard's or Hialeah Miami-Lakes' junior varsity teams. (OK, maybe HML.) Florida 57, NC Central 24, 30.6 seconds left in the half.

Parsons fouled while shooting a three-pointer. He made 2-of-3 (Florida's first missed free throw of the night; Gators are 6-of-7). Florida 55, NC Central 22, 1:45 left in the half.

Timeout now. Three Gators in double figures already: Speights (13), Calathes (12) and Parsons (10). Florida again playing unselfishly. The team has 16 assists. Calathes with five assists and Parsons and Werner with four.

Chandler Parsons is feasting off of his mismatch. He just went on his own little Parsons-mini-run (five points) and now has 10 points, including two three-pointers. Parsons has also tossed a pair of assists inside to a cutting Nicky Calathes. (Parsons has four assists total). The kid is having a great game. Florida 48, NC Central 20. 3:38 (What a terrible game! Makes you appreciate what's important in life, the Dazzlers.)

Everybody is always knocking Dan Werner but the guy is actually pretty good. He understands Billy's offense more than any other player and it is showing tonight. Werner has five points and four assists. And Speights just DUNKED Shaq style (knees lifting into the air towards the rim) to give Florida a 39-20 lead, 5:43.

Florida cruising now. Dan Werner three-pointer followed by Hodge (did he just get rim?) and Speights again inside. Florida 33, NC Central 16.

Country Boy Adam Allen gets on the board for the first time tonight with a nice baseline move. Florida 26, NC Central 12...No sign of Florida sophomore Jon Mitchell. Florida's nine-man rotation seems to be only eight tonight.

Timeout and time for some important blogging analysis. The dancers looks great in their shiny orange tops. The Dazzlers could probably beat NC Central inside. Mo Speights is dominating the paint with six points in less than eight minutes. Calathes has eight points, including a three-pointer. UF 21, NC Central 10. 11:42 

Chandler Parsons enters the game and immediately knocks down a three-pointer. Nicky Calathes adds a three-pointer of his own. These freshmen are fearless. UF 21, NC Central 9. 12:02

Lucas appears fine. Worthy was charged with an intentional foul and Lucas made both free throws. Florida 13, NC Central 9 (14:22). NC Central has made three three-pointers and turned the ball over five times.

Ouch! Florida guard Jai Lucas fouled hard going up for a fastbreak lay-up. NC Central's J'Mell Worthy, the offending party, collided with Lucas and both players crashed hard to the court. Lucas landed on his right side and smacked his head. The freshman guard is up and walking. Billy calls timeout so Lucas and remember who he is and where he's at (15:43). Florida 11, NC Central 6.

NC Central might be the smallest basketball team in Divsion I-A. These guys lost to Duke 121-56 to begin the season.

The blowout is underway, folks. Three minutes into the game here at the O'Dome and NC Central has only taken one shot (compared to three turnovers). Florida guard/forward Nick Calathes converted a three-point play to give the Gators a 5-0 lead (19:21).

UF Starters
F Dan Werner
C Mo Speights
G Walter Hodge
G/F Nick Calathes
G Jai Lucas

Reminder to all: Gator Clause blogging live tonight

Some of them try to rhyme but they can't rhyme like this...

GAINESVILLE -- Just a quick reminder to ALL of Gator Clause's loyal readers. We'll be blogging live from the Gators' basketball game against North Carolina Central. Tipoff at the O'Dome is set for 7 p.m. Like a trip to the DMV, everyone is obligated to join in the fun. It's the law.


Bo Williams scored two touchdowns in practice

GAINESVILLE -- Hope y'all haven't forgotten about Bo Williams because Mr. Williams hasn't forgotten about y'all. He said "What's up?!?" to South Florida yesterday after the Gators' football practice and told Gator Clause that he is improving dramatically as the season progresses.

WilliamsWilliams, an Oakland Park Northeast grad (Go 'Canes!), scored two touchdowns (one was a long run) during Florida's practice on Tuesday. No word if Williams might see the field this week against Florida Atlantic. Florida played Western Carolina this time last year and the game served as a good opportunity for young players to get some playing time.

Gator Clause suspects Williams will not play this week against FAU. Florida coach Urban Meyer moved Markus Manson from defensive back to running back on Monday to add depth to the backfield after Chevon Walker quit the team. That means Williams is still in line for a redshirt.

When Florida offered Williams last winter the Gators' coaching staff (running backs coach Stan Drayton) told Williams he would need at least a year to develop into an Southeastern Conference running back. Florida is sticking by its words, it seems, although there have rumors that Williams could be moved to linebacker next spring.

Redshirting Williams might offer some glimpse into the Gators' future. Along with Williams, Florida will also redshirt freshman quarterback John Brantley and receiver Deonte Thompson.


Heisman News: Spurrier won't reveal his Heisman vote

Rumors from the 305: Miami is already breaking down film of Tim Tebow for the 2008 season opener. The 'Canes even brought in Jimmy Johnson to help analyze the film and devise a proper defense. Johnson's best advise, "Heck, just don't ever give'm the ball."

GAINESVILLE -- Gator Clause spoke with Steve Spurrier today during the weekly Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference (that's a mouthful) and asked him who gets his Heisman Trophy vote. Spurrier offered no answer save "it's a private vote and I'm going to keep it private this year."

Gator Clause has a sneaking suspicion that Ol' Ball Coach is going to vote for Timmy. The reasons are obvious but I'll write them anyway:

1. Spurrier won a Heisman as a Florida quarterback.
2. Danny Wuerffel won a Heisman as a Florida quarterback.
3. Spurrier voted for Wuerffel.
4. Wuerffel is voting for Tebow.
5. Spurrier, Wuerffel and Tebow are all sons of preachers.
6. Amen




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