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Top 10 things dumber than LSU's Perrilloux


Not many organic compounds -- never mind life forms -- on this planet (and presumably any other) are dumber than Ryan Perrilloux. There are a few, though. Let's make a list.

10. Rev. Jeremiah Wright: While we disagree with everything this moron says, we will fight to the death for his right to say it ... or something like that.

9. The enabler? Les Miles isn't to blame, right? I mean, this guy gave Perrilloux every chance to prove my stupid-people theory wrong. My stupid-people theory: Given time, stupid people will all wear Velcro. Nothing says institutionalized quite like Velcro.

8. LSU frat boys: A special kind of dumb, folks. I have stories and factual evidence to prove this.

7. dehydrated macaroni

6. Roger Clemens (King of the Pridesters)

5. People who support Roger Clemens

4. Another brilliant American footballer with a French surname: Maurice Clarett. This is where Clarett lives. CLICK HERE FOR CLARETT'S HOME. This is where Perrilloux will be living soon. CLICK HERE FOR PERRILLOUX'S FUTURE RESIDENCE.

3. Charles Deas: Fruit-fly dumb.

2. The BCS people.

1. Me for actually wasting my time on a Perrilloux blog post.

A SIDE NOTE TO THIS BLOG POST: Why does the LSU athletic website have the Perrilloux press release plastered all over its front page? CLICK HERE FOR A PEEK.  Does anyone find this odd other than me? We recruited Perrilloux. We failed. Now we're going to boast about kicking him off the team.





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