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Gators' mailman: You asked and we answered

FYI...I'll be heading to Friday Night Ligths here in a little bit to get a handle on this whole recruiting thing. Check back on Saturday for what I learned. I would blog it tonight but I'm going to see Dark Knight right after I leave The Swamp...

TAMPA -- Gator Clause received such a great response from you guys about a previous blog post that we felt inclined to answer everyone's question. Here goes...

UF Peru asked: With the Defensive tackle position not being productive last season, having to bring a player from the offensive line to fill the need. How does that position look right now, before two-a-days, and who are the most outstanding players at that position and possible starters?

Meyer indicated that Javier Estopinan is the leader at defensive tackle right now. Recently, UF strength coach told me that Troy Epps is doing well in workouts and improving rapidly. With Omar Hunter behind schedule because of his back injury, don't expect too much out of the freshman right off the bat.

DeVontae Brooks asked: With limited pressure and quarterback sacks last year has your defensive coaches drawn up different schemes to apply more pressure and increase chances for turnovers?

DeVontae Brooks asked: During the spring it was a goal for the coaching staff to integrate a no huddle offense. Do you believe it was successful during the spring and do you plan on still using it this season?

Meyer and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen are committed to the no-huddle offense.

DeVontae Brooks asked: You mentioned that you will be going under center more in this years offense. Do you have a certain percentage of plays you are determined to run under center?

No word yet if the offense will use less shotgun this season.

1gatorbear asked: Will Percy be a 100% healthy for the first game?

Meyer sure hopes so. It's too early to tell. Let's address this question during two-a-days.

mcanly asked: Will Major Wright stay at free safety or will he be moved to strong safety since Ahmad Black is much smaller and not suited for the strong saftey position.

Major tells me he is not moving. No way.

fsogator asked: What are your thoughts on the defensive line especially defensive tackle coming into this season?

The verdict is still out. Coaches need to fully evaluate the players during two-a-days and see how much they have improved.

Gatorman asked: Give us a hint at what you have in stor for UGA this year after they pulled that stunt last year.

UF Pere asked: Are you planning on lining up Percy Harvin in the backfield a considerable number of times? Or finally are we are gonna have a real tailback in the backfield and if so who is the player standing out the most to take that spot?

Harvin is the best player on the team. The goal is for him to touch the ball at least 20 times a game.

UF Peru asked: Yeah, can you ask about Patchan's status and if he is gonna be able to play any role on the defense this season? Thanks.

Meyer said Patchan "will be ready to go." That's coach speak for he'll at least be on the field and in a uniform when practice starts.

GatorGirl asked: Can we ever beat the U?

Didn't ask Meyer that one either.

Dan asked: Is UM as bad as they look on film??? Have you ever seen a team with a worse attitude?
UM's football team still gets filmed?





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