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RB Chris Rainey analyzes his sex class

GAINESVILLE -- Any regular reader of this blog knows that we here at Gator Clause believe Chris Rainey is the pretty much the best thing to ever happen to the sport of football. He loves the game, he lives to be a positive part of the team, he's tougher than an alligator's scales and he can run really fast. But on top of that, Rainey is a funny guy and tells it like it is. During a press conference, Florida coach Urban Meyer can't speak about Chris Rainey without smiling.

On Monday, Rainey spoke with reporters about one of his classes this semester. Rainey calls it a "sex class."

Rainey on his sex class: "It's boring. I don't like to be in that class. I thought it was going to be fun, like what you see on TV but, it ain't like that."

Rainey on the Gators' depth at skill positions: "I'd have to put names in a hat to see who gets the ball first."

Rainey is listed as a second-string running back for the Gators' home opener against Hawaii.





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