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Les Miles vs. Urban Meyer: Who has more street cred?

Metmilesrotaryal121Oh, the things these coaches will do to impress recruits. LSU coach Les Miles says he likes "a couple" Snoop Dogg songs ... Maybe this is one of them? ... "Cause it's 1-8-7 on a [expletive] cop."
That's an excerpt from the hit single "187" that put Snoop Dogg on the map way back in 1992. Of course, Les knows all about that. It's his ring tone. PICTURED: Snoop Dogg let's everyone at the Baton Rouge Rotary Club meeting know how many times he has smoked out former LSU quarterback Jamarcus Russell, now a Raider. The woman in the picture doesn't seem very starstruck. Then again, who cares. She can't run a 4.2.


Les is down with Snoop but Urban is, well, Urban

GAINESVILLE -- It is in the spirit of Les Miles' affinity for West Coast gangsta' rap that Gator Clause presents this week's Ultimate Preview. If you didn't know already, "you better axe somebody."

Les Miles has been "down from Day One" when it comes to the hippest ways to lure recruits into Baton Rouge, La. He met up with Snoop Dogg (Can someone say, "Photo opp!") a few months back in Baton Rouge, La., and even had the rapper speak at a Rotary Club event. (Can someone say, "Honorarium!") Tigers fans, witness your booster club dollars hard at work.

After passionately addressing Baton Rouge's civic-minded audience, Snoop Dogg broke out one of his most famous rhymes, And now you hookers and [rhymes with jos] know how I feel. 'Cause that's realer than Real Deal Holyfield.

And then Snoop politely said, Hey, yo, Miles. Creep to the mic like a phantom.

We kid, of course. (And if you don't recognize those Snoop Dogg lyrics, then you're too old.) But, on the fo'-shizzle tip, why would Snoop entertain some crusty Deep South college football coach? The answer is simple. Because the rapper understands what nobody else in this world seems to be able to comprehend. That Les Miles is the "O.G." (That and if Pete Carroll won't give Snoop's son a spot on USC's roster, then maybe Miles will pony up.)

Florida coach Urban Meyer (Tupac guy) isn't very impressed with Miles' budding friendship with Snoop Dogg. "Good for him," Meyer said.

That's coach speak for "jive turkey."

But seriously, though. It's no surprise that Meyer disrespected Miles for the LSU coach's obvious attempt to, well, be like Meyer. Everyone knows Florida's coach is the one with all the street cred. His name says it all.

NO.4 LSU (4-0, 2-0) at NO.11 FLORIDA (4-1, 2-1)
Where: Gainesville, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (88,548)
When: 8 p.m. Saturday
What's at stake: You mean besides this rivalry's annual trophy? Well, a Florida loss would pretty much end the Gators' chances at a national title. LSU, meanwhile, can probably bounce back from a road loss to the Gators if the Tigers win the rest of their games.

When Florida and LSU meet on Saturday it will be the first time since 1990 that the two most recent national champions have played during the regular season (see Notre Dame 29, Miami 20). Florida, of course, won the BCS national title in 2006 and LSU won it last season.


SS Will Hill (hamstring)
RB Kestahn Moore (ankle)
LB Ryan Stamper (ankle)
WR Percy Harvin (ankle)
OG Jim Tartt (shoulder)
OG Marcus Gilbert (ankle)
DT Brandon Antwine (back)
OG Ron Wilson (ankle)
RB Emmanuel Moody (ankle)
LB Dustin Doe (hernia)
OG Maurice Hurt (neck/shoulder)
DT Omar Hunter (ankle)
SS Bryan Thomas (knee)
SS Dorian Munroe (knee, year)
LB Brendan Beal (knee, year)
TE Cornelius Ingram (knee, year)
SS John Curtis (knee, year)
OL Jim Barrie (knee, year)
DT John Brown (wrist, year)
S Cody Worton (knee, year)

LB Darry Beckwith (knee)
QB Andrew Hatch (head)
OL Lyle Hitt (undisclosed)
DT Ricky Jean-Francois (leg)
DT Charles Alexander (ankle)


WR 1 Percy Harvin (Jr., 5-11, 195)
WR 9 Louis Murphy (Sr., 6-3, 205)
WR 6 Deonte Thompson (RFr., 6-0, 195)
LT 75 Phil Trautwein (RSr., 6-6, 310)
LG 57 Carl Johnson (RSo., 6-6, 330)
C 56 Maurkice Pouncey (So., 6-5, 312)
RG 55 Mike Pouncey (So., 6-5, 312)
RT 77 Jason Watkins (RSr., 6-6, 310)
TE 81 Aaron Hernandez (So., 6-3, 255)
QB 15 Tim Tebow (Jr., 6-3, 240)
RB 33 Kestahn Moore (Sr., 5-10, 212)
DE 94 Justin Trattou (So., 6-3, 265)
NT 90 Lawrence Marsh (RSo., 6-5, 305)
DT 92 Terron Sanders (RSo., 6-2, 300)
DE 49 Jermaine Cunningham (Jr., 6-3, 250)
SLB 16 A.J. Jones (RSo., 6-1, 225)
MLB 51 Brandon Spikes (Jr., 6-3, 245)
WLB 41 Ryan Stamper (RJr., 6-2, 232)
or NB 14 Markihe Anderson (Jr., 5-10, 182)
CB 29 Janoris Jenkins (Fr., 5-10, 185)
CB 5 Joe Haden (So., 5-11, 185)
SS 35 Ahmad Black (So., 5-9, 190)
FS 21 Major Wright (So., 6-0, 200)
PK 38 Jonathan Phillips (Sr., 5-10, 210)
KO 19 Caleb Sturgis (Fr., 5-11, 192)
P 17 Chas Henry (So., 6-4, 215)
LS 43 James Smith (RSr., 6-2, 240)
HLD 37 Butch Rowley (RSr., 6-1, 195)
KR/PR 25 Brandon James (Jr., 5-7, 186)

WR 1 Brandon LaFell (Jr., 6-3, 209)
WR 2 Demetrius Byrd (Sr., 6-3, 200)
WR 80 Terrance Toliver (So., 6-5, 194)
LT 70 Ciron Black (Jr., 6-5, 325)
LG 79 Herman Johnson (Sr., 6-7, 375)
C 74 Brett Helms (Sr., 6-3, 278)
RG 65 Kyle Hitt (Jr., 6-2, 289)
RT 78 Joseph Barksdale (So., 6-5, 315)
TE 18 Richard Dickson (Jr., 6-3, 246)
QB 12 Jarrett Lee (RFr., 6-2, 216)
RB 32 Charles Scott (Jr., 5-11, 233)
or FB 45 Quinn Johnson (Sr., 6-2, 262)
LE 93 Tyson Jackson (Sr., 6-5, 290)
LT 91 Charles Alexander (Sr., 6-3, 310)
RT 90 Ricky Jean-Francois (Jr., 6-3, 289)
RE 49 Kirston Pittman (Sr., 6-4, 257)
SLB 56 Perry Riley (Jr., 6-1, 240)
MLB 48 Darry Beckwith (Sr., 6-1, 232)
WLB 11 Kelvin Sheppard (So., 6-3, 237)
or NB 44 Danny McCray (Jr., 6-1, 212)
or DiB 3 Chad Jones (So., 6-3, 214)
CB 29 Chris Hawkins (Jr., 6-1, 184)
CB 4 Jai Eugene (So., 5-11, 191)
PK 6 Colt David (Sr., 5-9, 172)
KO 30 Josh Jasper (So., 5-11, 165)
P/HLD 38 Brady Dalfrey (Sr., 6-0, 213)
LS 85 Alex Russian (RFr., 6-4, 239)
KR 8 Trindon Holliday (Jr., 5-5, 164)
PR 3 Chad Jones (So., 6-3, 214)

bodoglife.com: Florida minus-6
sportsbook.com: Florida minus-6
Vegas: Florida minus-6

Florida coach Urban Meyer says he expects Florida receiver Percy Harvin to play on Saturday but Meyer also says he won't know for sure until Friday. Harvin sprained his ankle against Arkansas and had three carries and three receptions against the Hogs. Harvin practiced on Wednesday for the first time this week but was limited. My gut feeling: After watching Harvin walk off the practice field on Wednesday with no sign of limp and no ankle brace, I'm going to have to say that Harvin will see the field on Saturday night.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow said that Saturday's game is going to feature "speed, speed and more speed." That might be true, but the contest will likely be won at the line of scrimmage. At question: Can Florida's defensive line limit LSU running back Charles Scott? Scott will be running behind an enormous offensive line, which features a powerful left side. LSU junior left tackle Ciron Black (6-5, 325) and senior left guard Herman Johnson (6-7, 375) will look to clear a path for Scott, who is averaging and SEC-best 7.5 yards per carry. Can Florida defensive tackles Lawrence Marsh, Terron Sanders and Matt Patchan free themselves from Black and Johnson? Expect Florida defensive tackle Torrey Davis -- no longer in the doghouse -- to help out.

On offense, Florida's interior running game will have to get creative if scatbacks Chris Rainey and Jeffrey Demps are the best options. A key match-up: LSU defensive tackle Ricky Jean-Francois vs. UF left guard Carl Johnson. If Johnson can't hold his own against one of the best defensive lineman in the SEC, the Jean-Francois just might get his wish, a clean shot at UF's quarterback. Note to Carl Johnson: CLICK ME, Carl, for an important message.

Everyone expects Florida's receivers to have a big day against LSU's secondary but what about UF's secondary. LSU's receiving corps rivals the Gators in talent and the Tigers have several tall receivers who could give the Gators some problems in one-on-one situations. Keep and eye on LSU junior Brandon LeFell (6-3), senior Demetrius Byrd (6-3) and sophomore Terrance Tolliver (6-5). These receivers will be searching for weaknesses in the Gators' secondary after after watching Arkansas gain 220 yards through the air against Florida last week. Tolliver only has one catch on the season but if he finds himself matched up against UF strong safety Ahmad Black (5-9), Tolliver could see more action.

5. Force LSU redshirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee to pass on third and long.
4. At least five receptions for UF tight end Aaron Hernandez.
3. Keep giving Chris Rainey the ball.
2. Settle for the field goal.
1. Do the words "LSU fourth down" meaning anything to you?





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