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Ronnie Wilson's status uncertain

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer indicated on Wednesday that UF lineman Ronnie Wilson has been suspended from the team. Asked if Wilson was still on the team, Meyer said, "I don't know."

"He's just got to take care of some business," Meyer said. "We just have some expectations and he has to meet them."

A former Pompano Beach Blanche Ely standout, Wilson was reinstated to the team this season after being suspended from the team and the University of Florida for one year after being arrested for discharging a firearm in public after a confrontation at a Gainesville nightclub.

The charge was originally a felony but was reduced and later dropped. Upon returning to Gainesville in January after successfully completing his community service -- He was an assistant line coach for the Ely football team in 2007. -- Wilson was arrested for misdeamnor possession of marijuana. That charge was also dropped despite Wilson being on probation for his original arrest.

Wilson did not respond to a cell phone text message on Wednesday evening.

Clourophobia: An exaggerated fear of clowns.
Pedophobia: Fear of children or infants or childhood.

"You like to be around professionals," Meyer said. "I like to be around media people who are professional. I like to be around coaches who are professional. I like to be around players who are professional. It's the clowns and the children -- it doesn't interest me. Right now I don't have too many of those guys on my team."

Seriously, Meyer offered this response to a question about the maturity on his team this season compared to last season's squad.

UF quarterback Tim Tebow played injured during the Gators' 42-30 loss to UGA in 2007. I asked Meyer on Wednesday if Tebow's injury led to Georgia's six sacks.

"No," Meyer said. "Tim has an unique ability to get out of a bad play, so I don't know that. It's all speculative. I think probably it did. I don't know that. He was limited. He was not as elusive as he normally is."

Meyer said that offensive lineman Jim Tartt (shoulder) and cornerback Janoris Jenkins (shin) will be available for Saturday's game. Meyer also said that defensive lineman Torrey Davis will also be available for action. Davis did not dress last week against Kentucky.



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