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FINAL: Florida 24, Oklahoma 14

GATORS WIN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Florida runs out the clock, Urban Meyer gets a Gatorade shower, camera lights flicker from the stands and the party is on at Dolphin Stadium.

OU Drive 10: Joe Haden breaks up Bradford’s pass on fourth-and-4, and it’s only a matter of time now. Some Oklahoma fans are starting to head for the exits.

UF Drive 9: Get the champagne ready. The Gators take a 10-point lead on Tebow’s 4-yard touchdown pass to David Nelson and consume almost seven minutes on the drive. Given the way their defense has played tonight, it’s hard to see Florida collapsing here.

OU Drive 9: Another drive, another huge play from Florida’s defense. Ahmad Black picks off Bradford’s pass to Iglesias, and the Gators get the ball back with just under 10 minutes to play. Let’s see how much time the Gators can eat up on this next drive.

UF Drive 8: Gators take the lead on a 28-yard field goal by Jonathan Phillips. Percy Harvin has a monster run – 52 yards – then another for 11 before appearing to hurt his leg. He leaves the game, but runs off the field without help and could very well return.

OU Drive 8: Bradford throws an 11-yard touchdown pass to Gresham, and we're tied at 14 with 12:13 left. Two big plays really hurt Florida on this drive: a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Torrey Davis, and a 25-yard pass from Bradford to Brown -- Oklahoma's first big play in a while.

UF Drive 7: Louis Murphy has what appears to be a leg injury. He had to be helped off the field on Florida’s previous drive, then returned for this one, but has since gone back to the bench.


OU Drive 7: Jimmy Stevens’ 49-yard field goal attempt is blocked by Joe Haden! Haden gets free on the outside and swats the kick away. That is Florida’s ninth blocked kick this season, a school record. Oklahoma fans starting to get pretty quiet.

UF Drive 6: The Gators needed a breakout drive and they got it, thanks largely to Tebow and a touchdown run by Harvin. Tebow had two big runs for first downs -- one for 15 and another for 12. Percy ran it in from 2 yards out, making this his 15th consecutive game with at least one touchdown.

OU Drive 6: The Gators give Oklahoma an extra chance when William Green is flagged for roughing Sooners punter Mike Knall. But Florida’s defense makes up for it, forcing Oklahoma’s offense to go three and out after the penalty.

UF Drive 5: We’re under way in the second half, and Florida’s offense doesn’t look much better than it did in the first. Tebow, under pressure on third-and-6, finds Percy Harvin open downfield but the ball sails just past his outstretched hands. If he catches that he’s gone.




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