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EMAILS I GET: Doesn't Orson Charles owe the Gators?

GAINESVILLE -- Every once in awhile, the editorial board here at Gator Clause, Inc. publishes the emails that fill our inboxes. This latest email comes to us from Paul in Chattanooga, Tenn. Paul lives in enemy territory but is a Gators fan through and through. His No.1 goal in life is to choke slam Lane Kiffin from atop Lookout Mountain, or so we assume. Paul offers up three questions today:

1. Orson Charles -- isn't this the kid that dropped the crystal trophy? Where will he go and doesn't he owe us?
ANSWER: Paul, you're going to want to do more than choke slam Lane Kiffin if he swipes another nationally ranked recruit out of the Sunshine State. Unfortunately for Kiffin's safety, I think that might happen. Orson Charles is a mix between a tight end and a receiver who played high school football at Tampa Plant. That's the same high school that produced quarterbacks Robert Marve (Miami) and Aaron Murray (Georgia). Charles will announce his decision to attend either Tennessee, Georgia, USC or Florida next week. Many believe Georgia is the frontrunner for the simple fact that Murray, Charles' prep QB, is now at UGA. Last year when Charles was visiting UF, he accidentally knocked over Florida's 2006 BCS national championship trophy (the crystal football) and shattered it. Florida got a replacement. Does Charles owe Florida? That's a funny perspective but I think if Charles was going to sign with Florida it would have already happened. Florida is holding a scholarship for Charles but I doubt he's coming to UF. Would Florida coach Urban Meyer leave the country if he thought he still had a shot at Charles? Or, maybe he knew Charles was already in the bag, so he went on vacation?

2. Have you heard if the national championship game that was offered live in 3D is available in 3D anywhere?
ANSWER: I haven't heard about a 3D version, but I did see some rentals at Blockbuster yesterday of Gators highlights. Speaking of movies, has anyone seen Quarantine? Pretty scary, I thought. Kind of like a mix between 28 Days Later, Blair Witch Project and Melrose Place.

3. Which coach will be able to break into the Miami talent pool and when?
ANSWER: If anyone at Florida breaks through in Miami and lands a few recruits, then it's going to be assistant coach Vance Bedford, whose recruiting territory is Miami-Dade. Bedford should have a shot at signing a few 2010 prospects from Miami. He seemed optimistic when I talked to him about it before the national championship game.





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