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Pahokee to send formal complaint to Tennessee

GAINESVILLE -- In an effort to prove it knows how to use a fax machine, the city of Pahokee is preparing to send a formal complaint to the University of Tennessee regarding the recent comments made by Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin. Here's a copy of that letter. CLICK ME!! 

Pahokee coach Blaze Thompson said the letter will be faxed, mailed and emailed to just about every important person in Knoxville. Thompson called Tennessee athletics director Mike Hamilton on Friday but hasn't heard back. Thompson also called SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

"You can't do this to somebody," Thompson said. "It's not right."

Thompson is obviously a very patient man but here's what's going to happen if he doesn't hear from Kiffin either today or tomorrow. Just a guess, but Kiffin and his assistants probably won't be welcomed in Pahokee anymore. And I'm assuming the other schools in the area -- Belle Glade Glades Day and Belle Glade Glades Central -- have been paying attention to this whole saga. Thompson and Pahokee want an apology and also want Kiffin to set the record straight. Either Kiffin writes a letter or visits Pahokee or else.

Kiffin's rivals are taking advantage of his recruiting mistakes. Florida coach Urban Meyer called Thompson on Saturday morning just to touch base.

"He wanted to know if Florida did anything wrong in recruiting Nu'Keese," Thompson said. "He also wanted to make sure Florida and Pahokee maintained a professional and ethical relationship."

See, Meyer knows something that Kiffin hasn't figured out yet. In the SEC, recruiting is all about building relationships. Back in the Pac-10, all Kiffin had to do was tell people he coached for USC. Kiffin is either too young to realize this or too arrogant to think it matters. He'll learn.





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