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Brass knuckles are Jamar Hornsby's weapon of choice, allegedly; Ole Miss still gathering facts

Former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby allegedly attacked a man with brass knuckles in a McDonald's drive through.

GAINESVILLE -- So you're sitting at a Starkville, Miss., McDonald's drive through at 2:15 a.m. just minding your own and waiting for your Happy Meal. Then, out of nowhere, some clown rear-ends your car. At this point, you have four logical options:

800px-Brass_knuckles_dsc04623 Option A: Exchange insurance information if there's any damage. Collect your Happy Meal and be on your way.

Option B: Ignore the bump all together. Collect your Happy Meal and be on your way.

Option C: Call the cops to report the damage and eat your Happy Meal while the fuzz sorts out the mess.

Option D: Grab your brass knuckles and assault the clown. 

It seems former Florida safety Jamar Hornsby -- the thug that he is -- chose Option D on March 1 and jacked up some guy while in line at a McDonald's drive through. Here's a link to the Associated Press story.

But wasn't Jamar Hornsby already on probation in Alachua County for that whole credit card thing? Why, yes he was. Breaking his probation in Mississippi could trigger a four-year prison sentence back here in Gainesville. Then again, assaulting someone with brass knuckles (yes, brass knuckles are illegal) in Starkville, Miss., calls for a 20-year prison sentence all by itself.

If all this is true, then Hornsby is in some serious trouble. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said on Monday that he is still "looking into the matter and trying to gather all the facts."





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