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A Halloween costume suggestion for your favorite Florida Gator; Plus a pre-game meal suggestion for Deonte Thompson

GAINESVILLE -- Here's a link to my national college football column in Friday's paper, CLICK ME! As promised, the column is Halloween themed and offers costume suggestions for FSU quarterback Christian Ponder, Alabama coach Nick Saban, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini and Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, among other things.

It's Friday, which means it's time to suggest a pre-game meal for seemingly disgruntled Florida receiver Deonte Thompson. Thompson is not Florida quarterback Tim Tebow's favorite target. He knows it. We know it. Everyone knows it. In the three conference games Thompson has started since returning from his hamstring injury, he has four receptions for 107 yards. The large chunk of those yards came on Thompson's wide-open, 77-yard touchdown against Arkansas.

The Belle Glade native had one reception for 19 yards against Mississippi State. After waving at Tebow throughout the game to pass him the ball, Thompson became so frustrated after one play that he tossed up his arms and waved away another missed opportunity with what seemed to be palpable dismay.

Here's what Florida coach Urban Meyer had to say about Thompson's show of frustration: "I don't mind guys that play very hard and I think they share their frustration that competitors have," Meyer said. "If he's a non-competitor and I see that, he won't play. That's not the case. [Thompson] plays very hard. He runs blocks well. He runs good routes. That's fine.

"But if you ask me again next week, there's a chance Deonte won't be playing."

Deonte, here's a wise suggestion before you step over the line and show up Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Don't do it, man! Check yourself before you wreck yourself! You'll never find your way out of the doghouse! Do yourself a favor, Deonte, and mix a big ol' jug of orange Kool-Aid and drink the whole darn thing before Saturday's game against Georgia. Not the red Kool-Aid. Not the purple Kool-Aid. The ORANGE Kool-Aid! Don't even mix in the sugar. Just drink that stuff straight. Don't just swallow your pride, Deonte. This time you've got to drowned it before you wave away your chances of ever playing a meaningful role in Florida's offense. Urban Meyer has publicly warned you and so, too, have your friends at Gator Clause.


PICTURED: Deonte Thompson's pre-game meal, aka "Smart Juice."OrangeKoolaid




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