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Danny Wuerffel steals the show at Gator Growl

GAINESVILLE -- Florida's senior class received a standing ovation on Friday night during Gator Growl, UF's homecoming celebration.

The seniors are 40-6 overall and 22-1 at home. Tebow was introduced last on Friday night inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium and spoke to the crowd.

"Ever since I was six years old watching Danny Wuerffel, it was my dream to grow up to be a Gator," Tebow said. "It was my dream to one day play on this field and play in front of you, and I can only tell you i has been better than a dream. It has been amazing being here at the University of Florida for the past three years, being able to play in this stadium and being able to have y'all support us.

"Let me tell you what. You are the best fans in the country. You are what makes us special. I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Senior Ryan Stamper, Brandon James and Brandon Spikes also spoke. Spikes, who took the stage in sunglasses, was kind enough to sing a few lines of the wonderfully annoying Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling."

Tebow might have been the highlight of Gator Growl but former UF quarterback Danny Wuerffel stole the show. He was by far the funniest thing about the night, maybe even funnier than comedian Dana Carvey. Wuerffel played the piano and performed Carvey's classic song Choppin' Broccoli but with the words Chompin' Seminoles.

Wuerffel later told a recruiting story about Bobby Bowden and Steve Spurrier. During his recruiting trip to FSU, Wuerffel was told by Bowden that a red phone inside the coach's office was used for calling God. Bowden said Wuerffel could speak to God for $1,000 a minute. When Wuerffel visited UF, he told Spurrier about the phone and Spurrier told Wuerffel that calling God was a local call in Gainesville.

Basketball players Chandler Parsons, Dan Werner and Adam Allen sang a Miley Cyrus song and then danced to Sugarhill Gang. If only they could be that coordinated on the basketball court. 

Meyer introduced Tebow and cracked some jokes. UF's coach said that his seniors are 10-2 against the Gators rivals and "The School Out West."



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