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EMAILS I GET: Mississippi State fan challenges Gator Clause to a fight!!!

GAINESVILLE -- Proof that the good folks of Mississippi have the Internet and love their Mississippi State Bulldogs, this email comes to us from Justin Martian, an otherwise unassuming employee at a Mississippi health-care facility. Mr. Martian apparently took great offense at this blog post, which, by the way, was meant to be an over-the-top example of sarcasm.

Mr. Martian took us seriously, though. So seriously, in fact, that he fired off this email:

If this weeks game is "boooorrring" to you, I'll meet you out at the Junction, and beat you back to the state that can't vote correctly!!!!  Hope you have fun...

Thanks for the invite, Justin, but I think I'm going to pass. After all, Goodmans, historically, have not been treated so kindly in the great state of Mississippi. I will, however, pass this email off to my good friend Kyle Veazey of the Jackson Clairon-Ledger as a warning. Don't ever joke around with Mississippi State fans, Kyle, they'll go Junction on you!

Since Justin Martian decided to threaten me from his company email address, which included his full name, place of employment and telephone number, Gator Clause took the kind of liberty of changing his name and not contacting his boss to protect him from himself.





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