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Open letter to Florida Gators fans: Enjoy it while it lasts

Dear Florida Gators fans,

I'll keep this open letter to you guys short and to the point: Enjoy it while it lasts.

Florida is the defending national champion, the winner of two national titles in three seasons, currently ranked No.1 in the Bowl Championship Series standings, led by a quarterback who will go down in history as one of the greatest college football players ever to play the game, winners of 19 straight games, winners of the SEC Eastern Division for the second straight season and coached by a man many consider to be the best in the business. But and on Sunday -- a day after defeating Vanderbilt 27-3 -- all most of you can do is focus your thoughts on details that are, in the end, meaningless.

What's wrong with the offense, you're wondering. This isn't what I was expecting, you're telling yourself. Understand one thing, Florida fans, it doesn't get any better than this. This is the greatest time in the history of Florida football. Appreciate it. Savor it. Remember it. Hold it dearly. Take a picture and frame it forever. The view from the top never lasts.

There are five more games remaining of this season. After that, everything will change. After that, quarterback Tim Tebow will be gone. After that, Florida's current defense will be dismantled. After that, who knows, Urban Meyer could leave. Charlie Strong could leave. Nothing is certain except for one thing: Florida football, right now -- today -- is enjoying its greatest run in school history.

Why would Urban Meyer leave? Because of you, Florida fans. Because if this is what it's like to coach the University of Florida during the best of times, what happens when, you know, everything changes? Why be rich and scrutinized at Florida when you can be even richer and scrutinized equally somewhere else?

In case you missed it, Notre Dame lost to Navy on Saturday. In case you missed it, Notre Dame might consider firing Charlie Weis after this season. In case you, Florida fans, for some reason aren't worried that Meyer will consider leaving Florida after this season, you should be.

Consider this scenario: Florida plays for the national championship on Jan. 7 and Notre Dame fires Charlie Weis the next day. Notre Dame then offers Meyer $6 million a year. Do you, Florida fans, actually think Meyer will ignore Notre Dame if the price is right? What about job security? If Notre Dame can't win with Meyer, then Notre Dame just can't win. That's job security. 

Tebow will be gone after five games. The Gators' defense will be gone after five games. It seems unlikely, but even Meyer could be gone after five games. Don't worry about Florida's offense, Florida fans. Is it flawed? Sure. Does it matter? Not one bit. What matters right now is enjoying this unprecedented run of success. Pretty soon, it will be gone. Don't believe me? Just ask Miami.





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