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Carlos Dunlap is back, but should he be?

GAINESVILLE -- Junior defensive Carlos Dunlap was recently reinstated to the football team and UF coach Urban Meyer said on Friday that Dunlap will likley be allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl.

The decision came down from UF president Bernie Machen and UF athletics director Jeremy Foley. Considering UF's strick policy regarding students who are arrested for DUI, it seems a little odd that Dunlap is being allowed to play. After all, some UF students have been expelled after being convicted of DUI. Of course, Dunlap will be long gone after the Sugar Bowl and his status as a UF student will matter to no one.

Meyer said that Machen and Foley decided Dunlap could play in the BCS bowl because Dunlap's alleged DUI was his first mistake. Dunlap was found by Gainesville police at traffic light asleep behind the steering wheel of his car around 3:30 a.m. a few days before UF's biggest game of the season.

Should Dunlap be allowed to represent UF in the Sugar Bowl? If Dunlap had taken his foot of the brake while sleeping at the traffic light (the car was in drive), drifted into the intersection and killed a few people, would he still be allowed to play? Wonder what M.A.D.D. thinks? Maybe I'm just being an overly critical, self-righteous sports writer.





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