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Ten highlights and thoughts from today's fascinating press conference with Urban Meyer

NEW ORLEANS -- OK, big story coming in tomorrow's paper but I'll touch on some highlights of today's press conference now and give some general thoughts about the most fascinating stories I've ever covered.

1. I've been getting plenty of emails from Gators' fans and fans of UF's rivals about today's press conference. It was a surreal experience, to say the least. Meyer didn't exactly explain what is wrong with his heart/chest/head/brain/whatever, but he did say that he has not had a heart attack. That's good news. Hopefully for Meyer, he can get some much needed rest, learn how to deal with stress and return to UF's sidelines a healthy man.

2. I'm no doctor, but I have had family members hospitalized by stress and anxiety. It's not an easy thing to overcome. Meyer needs to sit down with a health care professional and work through his problems and figure out a way to manage his stress, if indeed that is the problem. Maybe take yoga and go fishing. Steve Spurrier told Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun on Sunday that Meyer needs to find a hobby. Meyer laughed at the suggestion but did say that he's going to give Spurrier a call and speak with him about how to stress management. More laughter; less anxiety. 

3. UF athletics director Jeremy Foley is a true professional. He's the best in the business, folks.

4. Meyer called himself a Southerner on Sunday. That was pretty interesting.

5. The Meyer family was in attendance during the press conference. It added an extra level of intrigue to the story today.

6. Steve Addazio is the interim head coach but it seems like Meyer will still be calling all the shots. Meyer indicated that he will be hiring/promoting the new defensive coordinator. Meyer isn't allowed into his office, according to Foley, but that doesn't mean Meyer will stop recruiting. The recruiting dead period ends on Jan.3. Pretty sure Meyer will be recruiting in some form.

7. Meyer was plenty nervous on Sunday. He read from a prepared statement, which he never does. His uncomfortable body language was painful for me to watch at times. I felt bad for him.

8. Foley indicated that Meyer will still be paid his salary of about $4 million per year. UF's athletics director indicated that Addazio will receive a raise. Foley said that a buyout was never an option when Meyer informed him of his plan to resign.

9. Meyer told Ryan Stamper and Tim Tebow that he loved them during the practice before Meyer told the team he was resigning. Stamper said it meant a great deal to him. At that point, Meyer turned towards Stamper and appeared to fight back some tears.

10. UF sports information director Steve McClain deserves credit for performing his job brilliantly during one of the toughest months I'm sure he's ever had to deal with on the job.





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