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Tim Tebow's Heisman ballot

NEW YORK -- Tim Tebow would not reveal his Heisman Trophy ballot on Friday but I've got a pretty good idea who was first on Tebow's list.

After hearing Tebow gush about Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, I'm pretty sure Tebow put the Cornhuskers' nose guard at the top of his ballot. Like everyone else in college football, Tebow seemed to be in awe of Suh's raw power and natural ability. Suh finished the season with 82 tackles, including 23 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. Those are ridiculous numbers for a nose guard. Let's let Tebow explain it...

"I think [Suh] had a huge impact and, off the field, getting to know him, I think he's a really nice guy," Tebow said. "But on the field, he's a dominant player and he had a big impact on Nebraska's team. And the games they were in, even though they didn't win some of them, I think he had a huge impact. I think he's a great player."

In a nutshell, here's Tebow's thought process behind his Heisman ballot:

"I look at the season and impact they had on their teams, what they put up, who they played against and make a good educated vote on who the best players this year were," Tebow said. "The impact they had on the team and the impact they had on the game. Even if they didn't have the best stats. What was the impact those players had on the game?

"I think it should just be one year that you're judged on. I think some people could get biased and put that in there, [a player's] whole career, but, honestly, it should just be that one year. How did they do this year? What did they mean to their team? Did they play well in the big games? Did they help their team win? Obviously, a big question is if they weren't playing for their team, how would their team have done? That's something you've got to take into account, too."

Tebow explained to reporters on Friday at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square that Suh's impact on the game from the nose guard position can't be overstated. Tebow knows exactly the type of defense Nebraska coach Bo Pelini runs. Tebow faced Pelini's defenses when Pelini was the defensive coordinator at LSU and said that Pelini's defensive schemes are some of the best in the game. When Tebow played against Pelini's defenses at LSU, the Tigers had a pair of first-round picks on the defensive line, Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. Neither Dorsey nor Jackson can be compared to Suh, according to Tebow.

"Dorsey and Jackson, those guys didn't do [what Suh did] and that's really impressive, because when you're playing a two-gap defense, it's like what the [New England] Patriots do, the guys are not supposed to really make those plays because you're taking up two guys and letting (other) guys run side to side, and that's not a normal thing to do."





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