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Florida Gators = Soviets? Fuel for next season brought to you by Nick Saban

If you deliberately ignored coverage of the BCS national championship because of a broken heart, then you probably missed Alabama coach Nick Saban equating the Florida Gators to Communist Russia.

Here's what Saban had to say about preparing his Crimson Tide for the title game.

"I told our players a story the other day about the U.S. hockey team," Saban said. "Probably one of the greatest victories by any team was when they beat the Soviets in the 'Miracle on Ice.' Did you know what people don't remember? That didn't win the gold medal. They had to win the next game against Finland to win the goal medal.

"The first thing I did when we came back from the SEC championship game in the first meeting is I drew a long line on the greaseboard all the way across the room and said, 'It's 32 days until we play the game. Here's the SEC championship. Here's the national championship. How you manage those 32 days is going to determine how you play the game."

OK, it might be a stretch to say Saban called the Gators Commies, but I'm pretty sure UF strength coach Mickey Marotti will figure out a way this offseason to use that quote as a motivational tool. Of course, just mentioning a few numbers might do the trick. 32-13 ring any bells?

Today is Jan.10. Florida plays at Alabama on Oct.2. Got a greaseboard, Coach Marotti? That's a long line.





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