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Sarah Palin now weighing in on Tebow; Tebow says he wasn't expecting 'buzz' over Super Bowl ad

MOBILE, Ala. -- Former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow wants to make one thing perfectly clear. He's not changing for anybody or anything.

On Wednesday, Tebow said that he wasn't expecting news of his pro-life Super Bowl ad to create such a national buzz but he wouldn't consider changing the ad or removing it.

"I definitely didn't think it would have this much hype -- this much buzz -- but, you know, it's something I believe in and I'll stand up for it," Tebow said. "It's me and my mom showing love for each other and that's pretty much what it's about."

Women's rights groups have protested the ad, claiming in a press release that it divides American when sports should bring the country together. On Wednesday, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin weighed in on Tim Tebow and his Super Bowl ad. LINK!

Tebow said on Wednesday that NFL executives have not asked him about the ad during one-on-one interviews. The former Florida Gators quarterback also said that if teams have a problem with him making taking a stand about an issue, then that's probably not a team that should draft him.

"I think if anything they like that I took a stand on what I believe and if they don't that's something that would hesitate them bringing me on then it probably wouldn't be a good fit for me in that first place because I'm never going to deny what I believe in and things like that just for a game," Tebow said.





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