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Florida Gators QB John Brantley misses practice with strep throat; Receiver in hospital; Urban Meyer questions/threatens reporter

GAINESVILLE -- Quickly before I write for tomorrow's paper, here's a run down of news and observations from Florida's football practice on Wednesday.

-QB John Brantley missed practice with strep throat and a fever.

-Why is freshman QB Trey Burton always getting hit? He's wearing the red jersey! That means go easy on the guy. He's pretty important.

-Brandon Spikes and Carlos Dunlap were at practice.

-Dorian Munroe was in street clothes. Says he's still hopeful he can play next season. A Florida official says it's not likely.

-Receiver T.J. Lawrence visited Shands Hospital on Wednesday to undergo tests, according to a Florida official. Specifics were not available on Wednesday afternoon.

-Players were not made available after practice. Instead, coach Urban Meyer expressed his concerns -- very publicly, I might add -- with a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel about a blog post that was written about UF receiver Deonte Thompson.

"If that was my son, we'd be going rounds right now," Meyer said.

The blog post apparently suggested that Thompson didn't like Tim Tebow's quarterbacking style. Meyer later called the reporter "a bad guy."

Meyer was attempting to protect his player from media scrutiny. At least that's how I interpreted the incident, which was very awkward. Meyer isn't known for showing much emotion, so he must have been pretty mad. It was only the second time this spring that Meyer has spoken with reporters.

Essentially, Meyer told the reporter that if he painted a Florida player in a bad light again that the Orlando Sentinel would be banned from the University of Florida.

"Be very careful," Meyer said.





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