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'High-major schools' already reaching out to the Ray Shipman network; Miami in play

GAINESVILLE -- Several "high-major schools" have already contacted Miami Monsignor Pace coach Mark Lieberman about adding Ray Shipman to their rosters. Shipman announced his intentions to transfer from the University of Florida on Wednesday.

The bottom line here is that with his athleticism and good grades, Shipman will have plenty of options in the coming weeks. But knowing Shipman, he'll probably stay close to home. Expect the Shipman family to strongly consider the University of Miami. Miami has already contacted Lieberman and Shipman Sr. about adding the sophomore guard.

Lieberman called Miami a "viable option" on Thursday. Expect more about the Shipman story from Herald reporter Barry Jackson, as Gator Clause has now passed the Shipman baton back to South Florida.





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