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Gators Tebow missed his chance to take a stand when he signed with Nike

Tiger Woods YouTube voiceover. So funny. So brutal. Quick, Timmy, save Nike's image.

I'm just going to throw this out there. Does anyone remember the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial? Remember when Tebow said he did the commercial because Focus on the Family is something he believes in and supports. That was great, the press said. A prominent figure standing up for something he believes, the press said.

Well, imagine for a second if Tebow came out and said he wasn't going to sign with Nike because Tiger Woods is still on Nike's payroll. Now THAT would have sent a message and EVERYONE would have listened. Only in a perfect world, I guess. Now Nike is paying Tebow and Woods. What's the difference between a sinner and a saint? Nothing, when it comes to selling shoes.





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