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Joe Paterno: 'Expansion is coming'

GAINESVILLE -- Talk of college football expansion is starting to heat up. Today's links:

1. Joe Paterno leads chorus of coaches calling for Big Ten expansion

"Expansion is coming," Paterno said. "I think the trend is there's going to be bigger conferences. There's going to be 12-, 14-team conferences and maybe even 16-team conferences.

"Do I know what I'm talking about? Who knows? We're naive if we think that you can sit back and watch everybody else move ahead, because they're going to move ahead. We better start thinking about where we're going."

2. If conference expansion comes true, college athletics will never be the same, by Dennis Dodd

Writes Dodd: We seem to be heading, inexorably, to the era of super conferences in college sports. To get there, there may be more conference shifting than ever experienced in the past.

Dodd goes on to write: Part of this particular arms race is about ego -- [Jim] Delany and the Big Ten staying ahead of Mike Slive and the SEC. The Big Ten reportedly pays out $22 million per school in football revenue per year. The SEC number is $17 million. The completion of the SEC deal is July followed the start of the [Big Ten Network] in 2006.

"If the Big Ten went to 16, the SEC wouldn't be far behind," said Tom Hansen, former Pac-10 commissioner. "It's all driven by football TV income."




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