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Is Florida Gators center Mike Pouncey going to sit out this season for being Maurkice Pouncey's twin brother?

GAINESVILLE -- Let's cut through the fat on this Maurkice Pouncey story. What's the worst thing that could happen to UF if the allegation that Pouncey accepted money from the representative of a sports agent while still an amateur is proven to be true?

First, here's a link to what the Herald learned on Monday. LINK!

So, what's the potential end game here? Well, Maurkice Pouncey is expected to turn over information today in an attempt to prove he took nothing. Why would he do this? It seems foolish to me. If I'm Pouncey, I just ignore it and move on. That's what Reggie Bush did and it worked out for him. But it's not that simple in this case. See, Maurkice has a twin brother, Mike, who is still a Gator. Mike Pouncey, an incredible player just like his brother, is expected to start at center this season for the Gators. For UF, proving that Maurkice Pouncey took nothing is basically proving that Mike Pouncey also took nothing.

Former players do not have to cooperate with NCAA and UF investigations but current players certainly do. This is a unique circumstance and it will be interesting to see how UF handles it. Being twin star football players, both Maurkice and Mike Pouncey are linked to this story. There's no way around that logic. They have always made choices together and based on each other. Heck, Maurkice Pouncey only agreed to sign with UF until after UF offered his twin brother a scholarship.

This is the reason behind Maurkice Pouncey and UF trying to prove Maurkice Pouncey's innocence so quickly. If Maurkice is cleared, then Mike is cleared then UF is cleared. If Maurkice is guilty, then Mike is guilty, then UF is guilty then UF will have to vacate its Sugar Bowl win against Cincinnati, then UF will likely have to hold Mike Pouncey out of games this season.

Is it a coincidence that all this news is breaking right before SEC Media Days? Not a chance. Someone is intent on either hurting the Gators, hurting the Pouncey family or both.





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