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The latest on Florida freshman Dominique Easley, according to Staten Island Curtis coach

GAINESVILLE -- There are message board rumors swirling today that highly rated freshmen recruits Dominique Easley and Ronald Powell skipped practice on Tuesday.

Well, I asked quarterback John Brantley about it today and here's what he said, other than he didn't know anything about it ...

"I've heard those rumors from people but that's the coaches deal. They take care of that behind closed doors. I don't get let known to all that stuff."

So, we respect Brantley for his savvy plausible deniability...

No big deal right? Well, Florida's sports information staff reacted a little differently and abruptly ended Wednesday's media session after I asked Brantley about the rumor. Weird, right? It got me thinking. Maybe there is something to this...hmmm.

So, I called Dominique Easley's high school football coach, Pete Gambardella of Staten Island (N.Y) Curtis High. In luck! Gambardella said he spoke with Easley this morning -- he apparently speaks to him "all the time" -- and Easley didn't mention anything about missing practice.

ME: "Did he seem upset?"

COACH: "No."

ME: "Disgruntled?"

COACH: "No."

ME: "Anything out of the ordinary?"

COACH: "Nothing like that. Everything seemed fine."

ME: "Well, maybe the rumor isn't true."

COACH: "Hopefully."

Gator Clause will be working on this throughout the day, so we'll keep you posted...


1. Powell is at practice today.

1a. UF independent student paper reporting that Powell and Easley threatened to transfer on Tuesday after they skipped practice. Don't know how much stock I put in that, but worth mentioning.

1aa. Gainesville Sun reporting that Powell is happy being in Gainesville, according to Rancho Verde HS coach Pete Duffy.

2. Easley is at practice today.





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