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Team Tebow marketing arm, XV Enterprises, a long time in the making

GAINESVILLE -- You might have heard that Team Tebow launched XV Enterprises today. It's a marketing firm run by Tim Tebow's older brother, Robby, and a family friend, Angel Gonzalez. I love the home-school mentality of these up-start entrepreneurs.

Here's a recent quote from Robby Tebow explaining the inspiration for XV Enterprises...

"We interviewed the top 15 marketing agencies in the world and went through their dog and pony show," Robby Tebow said. "They were big and smooth and wore three-piece suits and some of them are very good at what they do. But one thing we realized is that they were talking about the things for Timmy that we were already thinking about. And when it came to negotiating we could do the job as good as they could and we weren't necessarily worrying about that 20 percent cut."

Not so fast, Robby Tebow, and your homespun, blue-collar marketing ploy. Something tells me you're not being entirely truthful ...

XV_enterprises_logo_200 Here's a link to XV Enterprises' website. LINK! XV Enterprises' slick corporate logo might seem familiar to a few Gators' fans. Remember Tebow's teary-eyed outburst after UF's loss to Ole Miss in 2008? Well, check out the logo on the shirt Tebow was wearing. Look familiar? Watch the video on www.timtebow.com and you'll see Robby Tebow and several other people wearing shirts with the same logo.

A few years ago, I asked Tebow during a press conference where he got his "XV" shirts. Tebow told me that a friend made them for him. The company that made those shirts is based in Jacksonville.

I don't find it interesting that Team Tebow was thinking about corporate branding while Tebow was in college. I do, however, find it interesting that Team Tebow didn't demand a 20 percent cut from UF.


PHOTO: Tim Tebow delivers his "promise speech" with future corporate logo of XV Enterprises on his chest. Very slick, Team Tebow. Well played. 





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