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Gators hire Will Muschamp. Cool, now about that offense...

Will-muschamp-mugjpg-ff17c8652806d721 "Florida coach Will Muschamp." It sounds weird because it's not Urban Meyer, but this is a good hire for the Gators.

Rumors started swirling tonight that Muschamp would be the next coach at UF, especially after Trey Burton tweeted "Welcome to the Gator nation coach!!" and then promptly deleted it. UF confirmed the news on its website, with athletics director Jeremy Foley saying Muschamp was the only candidate he interviewed.

Muschamp comes to Gainesville from Texas, where he's been defensive coordinator since 2008 (he held the same position at Auburn in 2006 and 2007). The Longhorns like him enough that they named him Mack Brown's successor, but the 39-year-old won't be sticking around long enough in Austin for that to happen.

It's a homecoming of sorts for Muschamp, who spent part of his childhood living in Gainesville before returning to Georgia, his birthplace. He's an SEC guy, a good recruiter and a solid defensive coach, which is all great, but that still leaves that giant elephant in the room: the offense.

Muschamp will be introduced at UF on Tuesday, and all the talk will likely be centered around whom he'll choose as his offensive coordinator if he hasn't announced one by then. For all the Steve Addazio haters (read: everyone reading this), this is good news. Muschamp's hire probably means a shake-up on the staff.

Muschamp isn't an offensive mind and most Gators fans are offensive-minded, so all eyes will be on what happens next. If you're Muschamp, which current assistants do you keep? I'd hang on to Chuck Heater for sure and maybe Teryl Austin, but beyond that, I'd probably clean house.

How do you feel about this hire?





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